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Forums - Website Topics - Something is very wrong with this site - somebody help?!?

Is the SQL server up to date? You rebooted the system? Maybe the table wasn't saved (but that would be really strange)

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Easy as pie.

What is?

That sounds strange. A reboot should not have done anything to data that was already saved. It's unrecoverable unless you have a tape back up.

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Guess that makes sense, I got 2 of my mates to sign up yesterday and either of them can't be found on the search.

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Yeah, we've lost about 200 users

did you just lose updates to the sales numbers or was the Wii cutback intentional?

So that's why there were errors all over the place.

Nintendo still doomed?
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Intentional. I think we are right on the money now.

Wasnt expecting those high ps3 sales, wii sales explode, and 360 sales atart to slow..


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