Forums - Gaming Discussion - Chrono Cross is Officialy TEN YEARS TODAY!!!!!!!!!!

...well yesterday, but hey its chrono cross birthday!!!!

sadly, square didn't give chrono cross a birthday gift, proving once again they value more their $$$games(FFVII) rather that their true masterpieces. come on square, give us the damn PSN release or the Remastered soundtrack.

EDIT: it should be noted that the Remastered soundtrack IS coming but not from square initiavtive since they are money grubbing pigs, but from mitsuda who still considers this his best soundtrack, more info in here:



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wow i honestly had no idea. Man i cant believe this is ten years old already. Considering this was the very first RPG i ever played i really should play it again for old times sake or at least listen to the classic music. Happy birthday chrono cross!!!




Ten years of being wildly underrated. Happy b-day, Chrono Cross!

Happy birthday Chrono Cross. I can still remember playing through it like 5 times during one summer when I was a kid...I think it was also my first encounter with nudity in a game (Serge's butt ftw )

I used to have a crush on Kid.

mZuzek loves Smeags. 😢

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i replayed this game roughly around 20 times as a kid b/c i loved it so damn much. Fukkin classic in my book




Yay, Chrono Cross deserves some attention! Happy birthday Chrono Cross!

Chrono Cross was an abomination and an insult to its predecessor.

Chrono Cross's soundtrack is beyond awesome, the Renaissance days of RPGs are so gone.

I have mix feelings about this game. Good to see people recognizing it after 10 years but I don't think it was memorable or as memorable as Trigger.