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from the arranged album, its the only track available:



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Am I the only one thinking that Cross was actually a very good and worthy sequel to Trigger, and a fine example of how to make a good sequel?

The "People imprisoned by destiny" part of that gave me goose bumps!

Ugh. I despise this game.

Not to offend people that enjoy it... I can see some of its charm, but I just was so disappointed after experiencing the first game on the SNES. I played through 98% of this game (got to the last area) and just couldn't stomach it anymore. Not due to challenge (or lack thereof) but due to the train-wreck writing and boring characters (the cast was just way too large).

As a standalone game, it's alright, but it should not be a Chrono Trigger game. I sorta felt it was a cash-in on the franchise. It reminds me of how the Mana series went totally downhill when they bombed the franchise with low-budget sequels following the SNES games.

I loved both Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross.

I don't know why some people were so dead set on a direct sequel to Trigger. I think it would have overcomplicated things.

I also don't really understand why so many people hated that you could have so many different characters in your party. If you wanted characters with some background, there still were a few, like Kid and Harle. But if you wanted some crazy character with unique abilities you could choose that too. I loved so many of the characters. Pip (see my username), Kid, Harle, Serge, and Leena.

Plus no random encounters and a unique battle system! Loved it.

I actually prefer the Chrono series to the Final Fantasy series. I was hoping the DS port of Trigger would sell like hotcakes and then SE would release more games in the Chrono series. Maybe I should go out and buy a few more copies...

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unfortunately S-E is not pleased by chrono trigger sales, so chrono will be never re-done now, such a shame, you should have seen what some guys did as a project, they basicaly did chrono trigger but in 3d, but S-E forced them to stop obvioulsy as Chrono belongs to S-E

it's the future of handheld


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Steroid said:
Chrono Cross was an abomination and an insult to its predecessor.

Go back to Hell where you belong.