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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Zack & Wiki - Best third party Wii game yet?

Neither of the walmarts here had it. And by the looks of things I don't think they got any at all. EB didn't have any either. I was lucky to get the last one at gamestop. I hope people don't move on and keep looking as it's a great title. It started off kinda bleh, but after the first puzzle it has really sucked me in.

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Doesn't come out in Europe before December 7th (the day after the Finnish Independence Day zomg), but I'm seriously considering getting it on day one.

The last game I bought new and paid money for (ie not used, or with some game exchange deal) was Twilight Princess, and now there's Super Mario Galaxy, Umbrella Chronicles, and Zack&Wiki coming out within three weeks of each other. My wallet does not approve. ;___;

From the few retailers I was at today (looking for Zack & Wiki) most didn't cary it but were intending on getting a shipment "as soon as possible" ... It turns out that the only thing people were asking about more than Zack and Wiki was the Wii.

Bought it, playing it, love it.

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Serves me right for challenging his sales predictions!

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Idiotic retailers and those people are into games? Well apparently not good enough, checking the Internet a bit more and they'll find out how big this game is...

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Local GameShack here had sold 10 copies the first day, and still had another 10 to go. Best Buy and EB Games all had stock to. Haven't looked in Walmart, but from this forum it looks like they sent them all to Canada. ;P


Wii owners, if you do not buy this game, you are part of the problem.

If there is any hope, let's hope that industry representatives lurking on this site see the hype behind this game and realize why it failed it live up to such modest expectations.

i think it is

I think it will have a sales trend not much different to my lurve technique - it'll start off really slow and gradually get bigger and faster.

I think it's too good a game for it to remain small time and i reckon there's shops now wondering what this game is if enough people have enquired about it in their shop.

Off Topic Rant - If I owned a game stockist shop I would insist each employee spends at least 30 mins a day reading IGN, This site etc to get brushed up on these titles. I mean it's their livelyhood - doesn't anyone care anymore!! **end of rant**

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