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Forums - Website Topics - Please get rid of ssj12s 'editorials' on the top page.

since we have user revews in the games database, how about adding a "recently written reviews" section? Then we can move the spam into there

Help! I'm stuck in a forum signature!

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Oh yes, they really need to be removed.

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I agree, move them to the forums (No hard feelings ssj12)

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yeah, it looks very shabby

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It's gone now.

I'm all up for "clearly" defining what should be allowed in the news sections - and what shouldn't. SSJ isn't the only culprit - there has been a lot of posts there recently that simply do not belong.

 - sales analysis
 - sales posts (first day sales, weekly/qrt'monthly sales, prelim sales)
 - conference headlines/outlines
 - MAJOR software press releases (i.e. Halo, Galaxy, Killzone, WiiFit level)
 - any significant news for one or more platform holders
 - industry analysis editorials
 - financial analysis / reports (major)
 - upcoming games summaries
 - new SKU announcements 

It should NOT include:

 - reviews
 - updates/information on *any* specific game


IMO - one of the worst things this site could do, is lean too heavily towards "news" articles - rather than threads. There are too many being displayed at the moment, and it takes the focus away from the threads themselves - which is the major drawcard to the site for most people. Otherwise it just becomes another "news regurgitation" site.

We could also have a simple rule - that only news that ORIGINATES from VGChartz (i.e. is created) is allowed in the news section. Anything with a link (or purely based on a link) must stay in the threads part of the board. I don't think this is a necessarily bad thing.

Otherwise - SCRAP the news system altogether, and give mods/ioi a "flag" to set on threads that are "important" (i.e. newsworthy). The top/most recent 5 of these appear at the very top of the threads list - followed by other threads.


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I haven't minded whats happened so far by and large, but the personal reviews and things like that "downloadable games thing are a bit ridiculous." It was so vague and simply regurgitating the obvious. Mrstickballs software analysis is a good example of what is acceptable.

I do like Shams' idea that only VG original news could be presented in the news section.

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I think shams has echoed my sentiments perfectly (other than the last paragraph). The news section should mainly be news that originates from vgchartz - sales analyses, industry comments, comparisons and so on, with any major breaking stories as well - big new game announcements, release dates put back etc.

There are loads of gaming news sites out there and our forum is our version really - most news stories have a thread created in which we can discuss what is going on.

I want our news section to be very obviously and strongly different to the forum section but at the same time I have taken on more contributors and asked them to try to post more - but at the end of the day it is a quality and not quantity issue. 3-4 good, unique stories per day is what I'm after. I also said editorials would be good, but they need to be well thought out, long, detailed, on topic (i.e sales based) and a good read.

If anyone who isn't on the "news team" fancies doing some sales analysis, writing an article etc then you could do it through a mod and they can credit you for it.

Would be good to see some articles on expectations for Nov-Dec in the three regions, comparing this year to last year sales, shipments vs vgc vs npd / media create etc, stuff like that. The tools are slowly becoming more and more available on the site to help you extract the data you want, would be good to see it being used more in threads / articles on both this site and others.




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Xbox 360 - 15 Million

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