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Forums - Website Topics - Please get rid of ssj12s 'editorials' on the top page.

the problem is that this isn't his site, he's basically turning it into his own personal blog. The news section is for news. It's not a blog, for him to put his random thoughts. For this is not his website, he's just a mod.

Help! I'm stuck in a forum signature!

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Agree totally with the OP.

ssj12 or ioi, stop this nonsense please...


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I agree. It's good to have them here, but the news section isn't right for them.

I second that.

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I agree with all above posts. This isn't a personal blog or anything like that. More news stories are good but not sooooo many stories that almost all the news is authored by him. Stop this plz... :(

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Agree, its annoying. Get rid of that stuff and post the nonsense at the forums where it belongs.

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he does write good stuff, but i agree with the thread, leave them to the forums

Gotta wait for Ioi in anycase.

i agree with everything said. surely ioi or someone told him what the news section is for? i wouldnt he have seen the negative responses to (insert mod name here)'s gaming industry summary a few weeks ago. that was 1 article, and he did 5 or 6.






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The news/editorials section has always been filled with interesting news and analysis, and these posts by ssj12 are just stopping people from finding those things. It's making vgchartz look bad.

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