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Forums - Website Topics - Please get rid of ssj12s 'editorials' on the top page.

Stop spamming the top page with useless information.  Its making vgchartz look bad.

That is supposed to be a industry news section, not a place for one individual to jot down his own opinions.



crappy old school NES games are more entertaining than next-gen games.

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must agree. if you're going to put this stuff there, at least learn how to spell. (allot? worst spelling ever)

Help! I'm stuck in a forum signature!

gotta agree.

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No need to be harsh now AoA.

News section? I thought it was the ssj12 section.

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No its the temporary SSj12 section, the new-improved permanent ssj12 section is due on Tuesday. It will have glossy colours, spell-check, cup-holders, a take-away-only McDonalds and will be central to the site, with all other features having links on the front page only.

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I agree, this is why you should only put dependable people as mods. Not just people who have a high post count without looking at their past history.

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he might just be over eager to help build the sites content, people should be less quick to jump.

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Remove them.

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I'm sure he has good intentions, either that or he's some kind of power freak :P

He's probably putting his all into it without realising he's going over the top.