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Sorry guys, had to run out with the gf for a bit.  Who closed the thread?

 Funny that the mods will close threads but not reply to me.

What did I do to deserve a 4 month ban? 

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you said something bad about sony, enough reason

carlos710 - Capitán Primero: Nintendo Defense Force

"Wii are legion, for Wii are many"

Crucial PLEASE don't do this if you don't want to be perma banned X_X. Yeah I know that sounds strange but serious if you don't stop this you NEVER will be unbanned X_X.

Why do I need to get unbanned? I'm doing alright like this actually.

X_X This only shows that it is hard to ban someone.

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It isn't that hard. But really, with such a weak system in place on this site, you guys are lucky that I'm not malicious.

I'd never do anything malicious to the site, but if you had pissed off the wrong person this site would be down pretty quick. Lucky all I'm doing is posting.

There is a huge problem with the posting system on this site, and im surprised that it took so long for someone to get it

carlos710 - Capitán Primero: Nintendo Defense Force

"Wii are legion, for Wii are many"

What exactly happened that is making you so stubborn to show that ioi's code isn't perfect? I just got back and I see all this stuff...Do you people honestly expect us to mediate petty little arguments on Friday Nights? I like to think since we give everyone so much free data we're entitled to a little free time.

Look Crucial I don't know what happened but ioi never uses his computer on Friday/Saturday he has actual non-VGC matters to attend to. It would be nice if you could all do the same during conventional social hours.

People are difficult to govern because they have too much knowledge.

When there are more laws, there are more criminals.

- Lao Tzu

Well, like I've said in another thread, I can only assume that this site was written by a highschool student. Even if they fix the current problem, I'm sure I'd just get around their fix.

Maybe ioi should spend some of that money he's making from advertising to hire an engineer for the site.


Thank you for your reply. First that I've heard from an admin besides Montana.

Here is my issue: I got perma banned for stating an opinion about the mods. I feel that the mods are overusing their power and basically acting inappropriately. I have never sworn, never used any lude or rude language. How is this justified?