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You questioned something and they did not like that so you got banned.

Forums are not a democracy, but a totalitarian regime. There is no freedom of speech or fair play on forums, it is your privilege to post on a forum and it can be taken away quite easily with out any justification. There is no gov enforced (lol) poster rights on forums. It is what it is, you can always start your own forum you know.

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It can be taken away? I think not.

That ban has taken it away already.

Sorry Cadence, but no.

Is there a point to this juvenile demonstration? It's already a known problem.

You were banned 'cause you were acting like a jackass after having been a member of the site for all of two weeks. For all I know he ip-checked you and decided you'd already been perma-banned under another name before.

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Even if your banning was unjustified, you could have brought it to the attention of someone in charge, and we probably would have let you back in no time. Now you're being extremely immature and a general nuisance to this site. It's obvious you don't care about this site or our community...I don't understand what you would want us to do.

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