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Forums - Sales Discussion - PSPgo nudges hardware up 120 per cent

letsdance said:
Aren't ipods and iphones very popular in Japan? If MS gave the Japanese people something they wanted they wouldn't have a problem buying it.

You must be wrong.

No-one ever downloads anything in Japan.

In fact, no-one uses the internet there at all.

My internets told me.

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Seems ioi was right once again:


UK Retailers Already Discounting PSPgo

Sony’s latest PSP iteration selling at £199.99 instead of recommended retail price of £224.99 only five days after launch.

Though Sony has said that sales so far have been ‘in line with expectations’, four of the UK’s leading online retailers, HMV, Game, Amazon and Play, are selling PSPgo £25 below its RRP.

Supermarket Tesco, which offered the console for £199.97 for pre-orders, now offers it online for £220.

Various retailers around the world have said that they don’t plan to stock the handheld, citing its download-only sales model and high retail price, including Nedgame in the Netherlands and EB Games Australia.

And Amazon Japan sells the Wii for less than the new RRP.

Wai wai gaya gaya.

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hanafuda said:
And Amazon Japan sells the Wii for less than the new RRP.

Wai wai gaya gaya.

the same whopping 5% amazon japan discounts ps3 slim, xbox 360, ds, and psp nice attempt to mislead people there


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