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i think in the games section there should be links to the other games in the series like super smash bros to super smash bros melee to super smash bros brawl

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Also I don't know how hard this would be, but it would be absolutely fantastic if we could get comparison charts for software put in. I think it would be really cool to be able to compare older consoles that are in the database to new ones, or to directly compare the new consoles. Like how much software did the 360 sell total compared to ps3 or wii, etc. Worldwide of course, with filters to filter one specific category (america, japan, other)

Note: Some games in my collection are no longer owned, but have owned.

I want mostly limited signature some of those are so big it's just plain annoying it's okey with pictures but it should be limits of how much you can add in your signature.

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In the comparison tool we should be able to select Europe as a subheading of Other (which would include UK, France, Germany... and Other Europe) because sometimes things come out in Other at a different time than in Europe and makes aligning the launch all but useless.

For example the PS3 was out in some Asian countries (other than Japan that is) at the end of 2006 so that if you want to compare European PS3 sales with European 360 or Wii sales with the launch aligned it looks like the PS3 sold almost nothing (low volume in the small Asian countries it was released in in 2006) and then exploded with the Euro launch.

Another thing is it would be nice to have a confirmation step for the Add a friend feature as I already clicked on it twice by accident (I need a new computer :().

A big thing would be to have European software data but I understand that it might not be possible if you do not have it and difficult due to the extra work it would give you if you have the data (and it is not one time off jobs like my other suggestions).

Anyway I enjoy the site already so any improvement would be a bonus.

Thanks for it Ioi.

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I will add a Europe option when i update the charts. Euro software is a long long way into the future I'm afraid.

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is that when you plan to add the doa4 figure? :o


Note: Some games in my collection are no longer owned, but have owned.

right now

I suggest a thumbs up / down option for comments. Such as they have at Edit: Just read page 1. I like the kudos idea.

thanks ioi! :D

Note: Some games in my collection are no longer owned, but have owned.

How about a classified section? We've all got games we'd like to buy, sell or trade.