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Forums - Website Topics - Two new mods / news writers

YES!!! Naznatips;

@Onna sorry, I don't see you much online :s;

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Thanks a lot guys. I'm proud to be a mod of this great site.

Congradulations Naz you`ll make a great mod!

good job Naz, good to see 2/5 people (not including myself) I wanted as mods became one. Now to see if fazz will become one.

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Amazing discussion about being wrong
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Congradulations Naz and Montana good to see more mods.

My dog is way beyond my ranking list than you.


Din Apekatt  

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If any serious PS3/360/PSP users want to become active participants in the news section and stuff, send me a PM. Do *not* send me a PM nominating other people who have not volunteered, as this thread shows it's a waste and just clutters up the list. :P

Locking this now.