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According to the latest ESRB ratings, the Nintendo Wii will be getting a new Castlevania game called Castlevania the Adventure ReBirth. Based on the description from the listing, it looks like the game will be a traditional 2D entry in the series. 

Otherwise, not much is known other than that the title suggests Castlevania the Adventure ReBirth may be a remake of the 1989 Game Boy game, Castlevania: The Adventure.

Castlevania the Adventure ReBirth is rated T (Teen) for animated blood and fantasy violence. Konami Digital Entertainment will be publishing the Nintendo Wii title.


I REALLY want to see what innovations they can add with a wii version

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You know when i said Wiiware classic remakes like Contra and Gradius, along side on rails shooters, were indicative of the cheap development effort of third parties on the Wii. Well i guess i have to be a hypocrite now because I AM HYPED FOR THIS SHIT

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WiiWare Title ?? After the success of Contra Rebirth, it is a great move by Konami.

Heeeeyyyy!!!! <Snap>

Wow, fantastic! Really want this.

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OMG I loved that Castlevania even though it was crappy! And it was about time, Konami. Castlevania on WiiWare makes more than perfect sense >_>

something to look forward to


Always count on Konami to bring a smile on my face.

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That's great! Now we need a 2D Turrican.

cool!! i had no hopes about Castlevania on Wii after the bad sales of Castlevania Judgement

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