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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Tales of Graces - 2 NEW Characters!! Plus GC control support!

They need to start showing some enemies now assuming these are the last two characters (but there could definitely be more).

Also the GC controller I will probably use...

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Speaks in a way that makes it hard to get into his (her?) thoughts and figure out how he (she) feels and what he (she)'s saying.

The heck? I sure hope its not a guy. But you know, Tales tend to have guys looking like girls.

"And yet, I've realized that maybe living a "decent" life means you won't ever have a "good" life."


It's a girl. Before the scans showed up we only had the name and Pascal was too vague to figure out whether it was a guy or girl. I'll edit that out.

Ah thank god. I don't want any more Zeloses.

"And yet, I've realized that maybe living a "decent" life means you won't ever have a "good" life."


So how many characters are going to be in toG now?

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Oh, now there are pics in the OP. There weren't when I posted. Awesome! Like these two character designs a lot more than the previous ones.

I am currently sigless.

They didn't work when I posted :D
Had to open them in another tab.

I agree with Majin, I like these two character desings. I'm not too fond of the other 4 though. Asbel is ok, others are meh.

"And yet, I've realized that maybe living a "decent" life means you won't ever have a "good" life."


Son1x said:
Ah thank god. I don't want any more Zeloses.

LMAO, before I played the game I always thought Zelos was a girl. Then I got to the part when Zelos appeared. I was like..."Oh." And I thought Raine was a guy lawl. I only saw this fanart though but they didn't appear clear I guess and Zelos just looked extra girly.

Edit: You think Cheria is meh? >.> Sophie and Hubert are a bit questionable but the rest are cool.

What? No one has commented on Hubert's twin onion weapons yet.
I guess this confirms joke weapons will be present in this game.

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I like the girls design ALOT.

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