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student said:
This sounds awesome... but i have NO idea who Chace crawford is

lol he's a teen choice award. Whatever I really want to see pictures of that event soon.

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Finally some pictures

this wasnt as grandiose as i imagined in my brainhead.

student said:
This sounds awesome... but i have NO idea who Chace crawford is

He's a douche

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alfredofroylan said:
Finally some pictures

Pretty cool. Where were the indoor pics taken? It looks like a tent of some sort, but there doesn't seem to be a large tent structure in the outdoor pictures.

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Great! I want to see more pics!

i was there... wasn't that impressive. i was more impressed by the giant ads at ToysRUs in fact. they did actually have sand, though.

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Portugal looks much better in my opinion:
Is Times square really that small??

@atma: Here ya go!

It was pretty neat.  I was disappointed at first because of the size but once I started participating I forgot about it and had a good time.

My nephew.  Visitors were given a wreath of flowers upon entering Wahu Island.

He looks gigantic next to the "pool".  That had to be the most false advertisement ever lol.

Yours truly enjoying my free daiquiri.  The drinks were pretty good.  Yes, that's my umbrella.  And yes, it did start to drizzle at around 2-ish.

The Swordplay booth.  That's my hand holding the remote.  Note to self: do not a trust 6-year-old to take a good picture.  Lol.

I LOVED archery!!!  It was very sensitive.  And yes, that's my bullseye.  

I totally whooped this guy's butt in the dogfight mode of the airplane game.  He was not happy.  Lol.

It was pretty weird to have this in the middle of Times Square.  I met a few tourists and they were pretty excited that they got to be here for this event.  Most of them had no idea this was taking place today.  

Enjoying the beach chairs before we left.   The end.  

@alfredo: Times Square is a few blocks long and wide.  This took place on Military Island in Times Square.  It's just a small section in the middle of an intersection.

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Wow Nice pics. Thank you, that was great!