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Swindon Town FC! Go Robins!

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Croatia 1-2 Belgium: Dynamite Lukaku sends Belgium to Brazil

Chelsea fans/haters also giving their opinion...

Belgium ain't Chelsea... Belgium has a striker that scores! #LukakuFacts #crobel

Belgium is the biggest surprise of this WC qualification (not that they qualified is the surprise but how they did it). Congrats.

Somehow missed this thread

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Run in for WC qualifying has been fun to watch. US are in and could see rivals fail to qualify which is big shift from just a year ago. Biggest thing for us will be the draw for Brasil in terms of getting out of out group next year.

Go Belgian Red Devils!

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Grande Ronaldo! .

Definetly on the best form of his career. Really hope he can carry it through June/July for the WC. Also, congrats to France for that comeback as well.

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