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misterd said:
1. It's a MMO. Last FFMMO was FF11, which, as I understand it, was a disappointment.

2. After FF13, and with Wii-KH3 rumors swirling, and with the PS3's third place standing firmly in place, I think that many people will be taking exclusivity with a grain of salt. Even if it doesn't change, by the time FF14 comes to a store shelf, we'll be into the next generation of systems, and no one will care about its impact on console sales.

3. Maybe they should focus more on releasing FF13 before hyping FF14.

FF11 is the most successful Final Fantasy game ever. Currently it should have atleast 500k people monthly subscribers.

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^ The population just hit 2 million. Oh and since when did sales = quality? NEVER

FFXI is a good game, and I enjoyed playing it on launch day for PC way back in October of 2004. Picked it up a few times after that again... but still its not huge game. It took far too much time to find a party and get going to play, you had to have at least 3 hours at a time to play the game...

FFXIV looks like FFXI only in HD. Good thing I have a PC to play it on should I choose to. But I don't think it is a major announcement like many are saying. They need more info about the game out and then we can see.

Also I don't know how the FFXI community is counted, the 2 million listed above might include people with multiple accounts and multiple characters for each account. How many characters counted might be mules? 2 million sounds feasible, but I don't know...

Hmm...there is a pc release right?

FF online has 2 million paying customers...holee shit! I thought it had like looks like a good deal for PS3 to get this exclusive.

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Crossplatform or no?

Yeah, maybe if it wasn't an MMO. Otherwise most people are just hyping for sales and not because they actually want it.

I Wonder How Much $ony Paid For It.

No the two new Mario games are easily the biggest games announced at the E3, they will easily outsell FF XIV (which is not even a exclusive, right?, there will be PC version).

Halo Reach is definately bigger then this

FFXIV is a PS3 Console Exclusive, but PC players will also get to play. I imagine your going to need a kick ass PC though.