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I think we'll have to wait and see.

Pricing structure will play a massive role in how well it does.

I'm hoping it succeeds personally, not because I wanted a thriving online community, but because it paves the way for more MMO's (DC Universe Online being the one I'm interested in).

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question will 14 have story and online like wkc?

Million said:
sc94597 said:
Necromunda said:
Here is a quick question.

When did they announce that there would be a Subscription? Answer: They didn't
I can almost guarantee you... if there is no subscription... this will turn out to be the hands down most massive announcement of E3 and this game will sell in truckloads upon truckloads and will be an undeniable hit.

If they want the game to be as big as you say they will HAVE to have a subscription to make a profit on the amount of money they will be spending on servers, patches, etc.

That's just the nature of MMO gaming, there are plenty of F2P MMO's run by companies much smaller than SE.

And they usually aren't as high featured as P2P mmos. I'm assuming you guys want this to be one of the best right?

@Yuyyder There is still no evidence to show that this game will be the game you are describing. Wouldn't that mean it is premature to state if it is the "biggest" announcement of E3? One thing is for sure though, until they prove that it can be as successful as a Single Player final fantasy it isn't anywhere near the "biggest" announcement in terms of sales, and critical acclaim. To think that a Final Fantasy MMO is going to bigger than a traditional game(or should we say 2 traditional games) from the highest selling video game franchise of all time (Mario) is very obscure or "out there" imo at the moment. Now I know all well that it is an opinion on whether something is "big" or not, but to have a divergent view on the matter and say that it is "downplaying" because of that is going too far imo. This is especially when they set the standards as high as something like "biggest".

That's probably the biggest announcement of E3. Sony has shown true integrity with this one my friends.

I was happy, until I read it was a MMO,WTF?!??!

But war... war never changes

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It will? I thought it had story and online like wkc

The only MMO that matters is MMO...anyway, PS3 already has a MMO in will you find time to do all the fun stuff in Home, if you have to worry about FF...not to mention DC online, The Agency...I smell some failures here...

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MMO has also let me down a bit, but hey, maybe it will actually be a good one ;)

Final Fantasy XIV will have a story like FFXI and I really hope they add full voice overs. Or at least voice overs for cutscenes.

Million said:
mrstickball said:
Correct me if I'm wrong, but...

FFXI sold under 2m units globally, correct? Why is this in the same territory as the other announced exclusives from Nintendo and MS that are far larger?

mrstickball I hope your not basing that on incompletle Vgchartz numbers . I hope your keeping in mind the difficulty , no the impossibility that the average person faced when trying to get online and the mandatory need for a PS2 hard drive yet it still sold , I hope your keeping in mind the size of the MMO market then in relation to it's size now.  But you already know that don't you ?

Actually, I was basing it off subscriptions to FFXI. FFXI was on PC. You know that, right?

FFXI is below WoW, Lineage 1 & 2, RuneScape, and most likely Dofus. Heck, if you throw other MMOs in the mix, FFXI is most likely below Mob Wars and Elven Blood, too.

Because of that, I don't think that an online RPG from Square quantifies as a spectacular must-have game, given the sales and subscriptions despite the game being on the PS2, 360, and PC.

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