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I see this as a continuation of Square-Enix's downfall of quality and integrity.

Not only are they returning to the unprofitable and disasterous MMO formula but have married it exclusively to a console of the most limited user base this generation.

I honestly think Sony and Final Fantasy enthusiasts are too eager to paint this as a winfall when its just the latest chapter in a series of diminishing significance in the industry and what could easily become a tragedy and embarassment to Square-Enix when the game has to be rushed to other platforms to recoup the massive development costs.

Even then, as oppossed to the diverse PS2, the PS3 is little more than an analoge to the Xbox brand of gaming. Outside of Japan I don't see JRPGs of any brand or make doing terribly well on the PS3 at least not what Square-Enix or Sony are hoping for.


So, why are people downplaying this announcement? Because Final Fantasy is no longer a name of respect in the industry. Square-Enix is no longer a developer whom everything they touch turns to gold. And gaming this generation has been too far mainstreamed towards the joe-everyman FPS gamer for a lapsed genre such as the JRPGs to achieve any great significance on any platform. No one other than Japan or JRPG enthusiasts really care about this and that in itself is significant as to why this is not being percieved as big news. Uncharted 2, God of War 3 and Gran Turismo 5 are all more significant to the PS3 than this, third party or not... The PS3 is a Western console now, enjoy.

Is that doom spinning? Is that Sony/Square bashing? Whatever you take it as, that sinking feeling in your gut should indicate that its most likely the truth; how well do you honestly think this game is going to sell? Seriously? Focus your hopes and ambitions on the game being phenomenonal rather than it selling well or being significant for the PS3. The PS3 is to appreciated by core gamers as more of an artisan console now and its sadly unlikely ever to reach mass appeal with such games.

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It was one of the biggest surprises indee. It was like... XIV? Already?
Anyway I'm more interested in The Last Guardian and a lot curious abouts the new Rockstar game.

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most people couldn't care more about an MMO...and isn't confirmed for PC too? (the one point where PS3 fans always say makes a game non exclusive).


I expect FF14 to do really well on PS3 honestly. I think it was a wise move by SE to go with PS3. The 360 install base in japan is still a bit small, and they know that a huge chunk of their player base will be from japan so a PS3 market there is important. The PS3 is slowly picking up stateside here too, and I know of around 10 to 11 people who are now buying it just for FF14.

The game went into development before the PS3 was launched and most likely was being designed for it well before launch, so they couldn't have really expected 360 to be so much higher in sales. I think this is why 360 will likely be a port coming out in 2011 instead of 2010.

There isn't really a successful console MMO right now, so the market is huge and ready to be taken advantage of. I know many console players who want to do the WoW thing but just don't want to invest in a PC, so this could turn out decent. I think the only reason FF11 wasn't a bigger hit on 360 was because the game was so outdated by the time it came out on 360. The price for it on PS2 was a bit much, and I don't think console players were online oriented back then like they are now.

It was big until the "on line" appeared

But war... war never changes

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Hephaestos said:
most people couldn't care more about an MMO...and isn't confirmed for PC too? (the one point where PS3 fans always say makes a game non exclusive).

yeah it is confirmed for pc...

So expect Xbox to get it a year after release

I'm still bothered by the fact that I hate MMO's with a passion, FF or no.
Could this be the title to win me over? Perhaps, I do love Final Fantasy.
It is an exciting title but I must admit that I was disappointed to hear that FFXIV will be an MMO.