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haxxiy said:
- announces X360 motion control
- announces PS3 slim @ $299


i don't think that would be megaton - people are talking about those things for a long time so it would be more like "ah, so it was true" than "OMFG where's my jaw".

it would be megaton if sony would announce slim version for 250$ and normal for 299$ especially if microsoft wouldn't announce pricecut during their own conference.

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PS3 - GT5 released Christmas

360 - Halo 4 announced.


mgs5 multi
Gears of war multi

blackstar said:
mgs5 multi
Gears of war multi


that could happen but I don't see Microsoft letting go of Gears

Vetteman94 said:

No need to leave Nintendo out, they are a gaming company after all


 That is very debatable point, depending on your definition of gaming. 

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MS: MGS5 exclusive.
Sony: Trico, I guess. In my mind, megaton = console seller, and this really isn't.

Stop getting so excited about a Kid Icarus remake... the original NES Icarus sucked.


MS: we welcome sony to join together and defeat nintendo

sony: Halo coming to PS3....

Nintendo: We are the sh**....You can't defeat us

lol at ^^^^^

Microsoft: Halo 4 (Don't understand why it would be so OMG, but I guess it would be to the Halo fans) and possibly Gears 3

Sony: MGS5 Exclusive and the announcement of a PS3 Slim

Nintendo: The death of mario, and the announcement of a new Zelda (Can only dream)