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 MS buys CAPCOM, EA and Activision Blizzard.

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Dgc1808 said:

 MS buys CAPCOM, EA and Activision Blizzard.


 If they buy anyone of those companies it would be a MEGATON anouncement.

sony reveals a real life size sack boy who eats fanboys *tear* the world will be a much smaller place

Legend of Zelda trailer is finally announced at E3. Another crazy prediction would be a sequel to Legend of the Dragoon.


Nintendo announces the players choice line for DS and Wii....pfft

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Dgc1808 said:

 MS buys CAPCOM, EA and Activision Blizzard.


EA can't survive without going muliplat with the majority of their games, so no

Hmm, something totally groundbreaking?

What if MS paid Square-Enix to REMAKE FFVII as a 360 exclusive?

What if the next Zelda game is announced as a full 3D adult and core oriented game with full VA, using Wii Motion plus....on WiiHD launch?

Things I think could happen:

Verses multiplat.

MGS4 on 360 by Xmas.

MGS5 multiplat.

GTAV Microsoft exclusive.

I don't think Sony has the money to surprise us with a megaton, unless its artificial(IE, new IP). New IPs are certainly better than most megatons, but they aren't what gets the headlines.

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during nintendos keynote god comes down to earth and tells every one to buy a wii or gives us a look at zelda wii

LittleBigParty announced for PS3, a Mario Party style game full of sackboys.

Sony: 1.bungie has made an exclusive fps which is a halo clone for the ps3
2.New eye toy games to compete against the wii: eye sport, eye fitness, eye kart, eye poke etc
3.Zeus the Greek god reveals himself and shows footage of GoW3 and during the excitement fires a lightning bolt off by mistake killing MS spokesperson and Stevie Wonder who has been hired to demonstrate Wii music 2

MS: buy out GG and announce KZ3 for the 360 with graphics beyond living!
Introduce minority report technology peripheal for 360 for an additional cost of £250
Buy out insomniac and announce next resistance for 360
Bill gates having undergone cyborg surgery enters the venue and kills Zeus with his next generation technology body ( powered by teh CELL). After defeating Zeus he announced GoW 4 for the 360
Buy out McDonalds and announce a new burger called the red ring of flesh

Nintendo: announce new peripheal called the dishwasher, sink and Hoover for bored housewives
Buy out sega and rename themselves nintendo'ga and announce new games super sonic brothers, sonic kart, sonic party, super sonic world and wonic ( evil sonic game)
Since stevie wonder cannot perform, mr miyamoto gives the nunchucks to mr gates the cyborg ninja to, but the cyborg ninjas processors calculate the risk of humiliation in a 1000th of a second resulting in the nunchucks to disappear up miyamotos rear end. The crowd is happy as we learn the nunchucks still work and help create music although placed in awkward places.

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