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VGchartz is my most visited site, ever, I think. I come here practically everyday. The numbers aren't the most reliable, but I really don't care. I come for the community (although gamefaqs is growing on me).

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were weak against fire types and ghost types

I love the feedback so far guys. Keep it coming. Please post your opinion even if someone has already said it. The more people that give me their opinion, the better we can make VGC.

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I think a real weakness for Vgchartz is that it doesn't have unique & hilarious posters like Crazzyman anymore.

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no real transparency as to where the numbers come from, exactly. This scares a lot of people away because they think the numbers are unreliable, and therefore it leads to some negativity.

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I think a few things could be improved:
1. Adjustments. Making it more clear what adjustments are made, with the major adjustments being posted in the news (HW and large software releases, or which are just big in terms of numbers) or updates on the games' pages

2. Less secrecy, I want to see 2.0!!!

3. More PSP tracking. I know PSP software sales suck, but the games are not tracked very well here, many reasonably recent games just don't have any sales data

However, this is a very well run sight, and I would like to thank everyone for all the hard work

NinjaKido said:
I think a real weakness for Vgchartz is that it doesn't have unique & hilarious posters like Crazzyman anymore.


 I second that...

Oh yeah, it would be really nice if you would alert us to adjustments. Just give us the important numbers, we probably wont care that Petz #6 went up 2k in NA. We don't need to know why the adjustments were made necessarily, but at least just what adjustments were made.

And a great thread, this really is a great site, and it's proven because you ask for criticism ^^

One could go through the older games (8-bit, 16-bit, 32-bit, etc..) and get the sales numbers for those games. A lot of older games have 0.00 sales. There should be a way to access the sales of older games and provide them in the game database.