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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Best comebacks by gaming franchises?

Phantasy Star Portable, this Gen so far.

Phantasy Star Universe was a pile of poo to be honest.

While Phantasy Star Universe: IoL was "Decent" to good.

But The portabale PSU HAS A STORY!!! and its not half bad, it also added the good things from the first two PSU's while taking away a few other things.

Overall, the best Phantasy Star game this gen is PSP (Phantasy Star Portable lol) for the PSP (PlayStation Portable again, lol.)

Just my opinion though.

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Wow very true

Agreed i forgot about gta and twisted metal

GTA was not really a comeback, so much as a growth

Killzone 2 has made a great turn around

For me it's KZ2...after the first one got a mediocre scores and after all the trash talking and hate it had at the end it has proved it's self and made a one heck of a comeback.

Well the thing with GTA, to me, is the last good one to come out was Vice City before 4. I wasn't much of a fan for San Andreas so i consider it a comeback lol

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Most of you guys are using bad examples. I mean you're mentioning games that grew over time or had a bad beginning.

I'm having a hard time coming up with names because most of the great franchises that became crap still suck.

you don't seem to understand the concept of a comeback, the word back in this case it has to return. In other words, it has to start off great, then get shit, then get good again.

Probably resident evil 4 represents the best example I can think of

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well by that definition I see twisted metal is better example.

Resident Evil never really was shit before 4

I doubt it!
Resident Evil isnt resident evil anymore
it has nothing to do with zombies anymore

Tomb Raider.

The newer games are better than the older ones...

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