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Forums - Website Topics - Aren't moderators supposed to...moderate?

I don't see any mods flaming, but I'm more concerned about ckmlb. He makes sarcastic comments then sometimes people bash him, and flaming occurs.

But I like ckmlb better now than before when he wasn't a mod (YES I WAS here during that time, just no account) 'cause he was a total fanboy, but he kinda limited it.

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dtewi said:
She was a fanGIRL konnichiwa, or a fanbitch.

Hope she doesn't ressurect and kill us with posts of hemaphrodites and hentai.

WTH? No I have to disagree, the worst fangirl was gballzack, the worst fanboy was blue3.




I wasn't here in the era of "blue3." Can you explain what he did?

P.S. I was here for Gballzack though :O

@soriku I was here for a short period, before he was banned. All I know is that while I was banned, he returned and attacked everyone... look at his history posts it will explain why you arent the worst fanboy(lol j/k).



Actually, I think Blue3's account was deleted altogether.



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I am pretty sure Ben banned Gballzack...

DonWii said:
I am pretty sure Ben banned Gballzack...

 Possible, but if you look at Gballzack's post history, most of her last posts were a vicious flame war with ckmlb.



I was here before Gballzack became a troll. She used to contribute a lot to the forums.


Yeah, I searched him and couldn't find him.

What'd he do? Was he a Sony fanboy?

If so could he have hacked the site and made the acc 'coltsfan?'

Well there's a place where i found. He's the original poster of the Blu-Ray till HDDVD's death thread. You'll be able to get to see his original posts.

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