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Forums - General Discussion - I'm officially a Pilot now!!!!

nice work! come pick me up. I promise its not far away.






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Your name is Jesus? Wow.

congratz btw =)

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Nice work mate!

I've got a question and a remark though

Remark: Your teacher is hot!!

Question: Will you be harassing DMJ from the air now?

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damn ur name is Jesus thats an awesome name


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Wow congratulations. I always wanted to fly one of those smaller planes. I still do though. Was it hard to get the licence?

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cool. My brother in-law was going to get his license until the corrupt flight instructor took the money and ran... I'd fly with almost anyone, although I'm sure I'd be scared to death in a tiny airplane like that

I wanted to get up in a black hawk helicopter, but they sent someone else from work

oh, and 1 question. what is the difference between commercial and multi-commercial?

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Ooh cool, you got the pictures up! I've always wanted to fly in one of those smaller planes. The view must be incredible.

Lol@ izaaz's bird phobia. Do you live in a small city?

Btw, Jesus is a common Hispanic name.

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Ok, i'll try to answer to everyone

First, like bolero said, Jesus is a pretty common hispanic name. Is used a lot in Mexico, especially catholic families.

@ Galaki, Thanks

@thanny... how far are we talking about? xD

@ Esmoroit.... Remark Yes she is. I noticed since the first day xD
Question: I don't know, never thought about that. Good idea though, i'll keep it in mind

@ Son1x well, is like everything. You just need to work hard. You need to learn a lot about planes (how it works, the systems, engine, fuel....) adn other things, especially charts, and airspace. It's not easy, but is amazing.

@nordlead: That suck's that he runaway with the $$$. And the planes are ultra safe, you don't have to worry. And about commercial and multi commercial.... so far they explained me that the airplanes you fly are different. The multi ones are more complex, since they can have more than one engine. For example an airline airplane, that can have like 4 engines.

@ Bolero, yeah the view is amazing. I actually have tons of pics while flying.. i think i made an album here, and i'm going to do another one. You can check it out ;)

o0o0o0o And thanks to everyone. I really appreciate all the people that took the time to post here, thanks =)

I want to post some pics here xD

Snow mt

Cuyamaca Lake

Still Cuyamaca


And a nice view here