Forums - Sony Discussion - is The Last Remnant coming to ps3? and when ?

i just enter the web site of square enix to download the last remnant and i see the logo of ps3 in the last remnant page son when is it coming to the ps3?

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It will be available on the PC soon...

If your not going to pick the 360 version, you might as well get the PC version instead of waiting.

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way to answer his question, gebx....

@ ts: afaik the date hasn't been set yet, although some claim september.

At first I wanted TLR but after hearing so many bad things about it : ....I still want it though, since PS3's lacking in the JRPG department :( I hope it comes out soon. Tried dlling the demo online, but it just keeps freezing up on my comp. ;_;

no release date yet, im starting to doubt if it'l ever come. im only going to buy it if the problems are fixed in it.





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The Last Remnant was originally announced and promoted as Square Enix's first multiplatform simultanious worldwide release for PS3 and 360 and being a "cornerstone for they worldwide strategy".

Unfortunately, in true Squenix fashion, they completely disregarded this in the end and delayed the PS3 version for unknown reasons. There is no release date for the PS3 version currently announced.

Guess only Square-enix knows.


Either september or may I guess.

May because it wouldn't be to close to the release of DQIX, or september to avoid the possible release in november for Final Fantasy XIII.

It also depends on the release of the more than likely PS3 version of Star Ocean. Microsoft probably paid for the exclusivity for this title (and TLR, ToV) for this fiscal year, which will end 31 march, so you will probably see a lot of a announcements and release dates after this day.

I think before PC version will be released, they will cancel PS3 version because of technical issue in development.

Just get the PC version. The PS3 version will probably have just as many if not more technical issues then the 360 version. That is if it is ever released. I played the demo for the PC version and so far, while the texture loading and frame rate is still a minor issue, it was still more than playable on my mid-range PC. Also, they improved the game in other ways as well such as improving the character animations(Rush's running animation seems less laughable to me than it did in the 360 version), adding a turbo mode to the battles(increases the speed of battles), taking out some of the leader limitations in the unions, including the option for Japanese VA, etc.

Also, the PC version is better from a technical prespective with less technical issues than the 360 version which was considered to be downright unplayable at times if not installed onto the 360.