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Forums - Website Topics - VGchartz...Hacked?

The hackers are back!!! Everysingle page I go to on this site tries to infect my PC with those trojans. Was fine for a couple days, but today is just horrible. I think that I will have to refrain from coming to this site until you can get this under control.


Get your Portable ID!


My pokemon brings all the nerds to the yard. And they're like, "You wanna trade cards?" Damn right, I wanna trade cards. I'll trade this, but not my charizard.

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FF + Adblock + Ubuntu = Never noticed anything.

Ubuntu. Linux for human beings.

If you are interested in trying Ubuntu or Linux in general, PM me and I will answer your questions and help you install it if you wish.

I'm back to using FF with adblock and all that crap now, nothing since. It just slows down the computer a lot :(