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IIRC this was originally a fan-made image of how the classic controller might look, done after we knew it was coming, but before we saw it for the first time. I broke one of my GC controllers lately (third party crap, everyone knows the originals are indestructable), and was pretty annoyed to find used first party ones still cost over 20€ around where I live, and the Wavebirds still in some retail stores are around 40-50€. Then I ran into this beauty, and MASSIVE WANT occured. These things look nice, and could be produced cheaply since they'd use the wiimotes own battery and transmission hardware. Would probably sell decently, especially with games supporting the GC controller like Brawl still being made. The only problem I can think of is how the GC bits in the Wii aren't able to communicate with the Wii bits, but that shouldn't be too hard to work around. Someone should start a petition or something. =P Link in case image gets cropped bad.

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That pic was made by IGN I believe. I think I saw it the night the wii-mote and nunchuk was announced.

Meh, I like the current classic controller better. I like having my SNES buttons where they belong. Although I might buy one of them, if they existed, as a replacement GC controller if I needed it.

I actually have 4 Nintendo brand controllers, two wired and two Wavebirds, and one of each have broken. The analog stick failed.

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lol, I might get it if I had a Wii, but I wonder if it'll be heavier or lighter than the regular GC controller.

LOL. it's a little too clunky for my tastes.

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I don't see the point. Buy first-party GC controllers and Wii Remotes. Why would you need anything else?

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It would be kinda nice for ease of battery swapping and wireless transfer...though I can't see how they'd get that to work with the GC hardware...

SOMETHING needs to plug into the GC controller ports, like the Wavebird transmitter does...though perhaps they could work around it, I dunno.

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Meh. I just plug my old controllers into it. Might be nice not to have wires coming out of it, only wireless controllers I ever had that worked right are the PS3 ones, though I think I used my cousin's wave bird once, didn't feel any difference. But hey, maybe they could package it with a game. Way more available buttons that way and the motion sensor in the remote would still be active. It would basically turn it into a SIXAXIS with way better motion sensitivity and an aiming sensor. That could actually be cool.


Yeah I would buy this.

It would be nice to see something like this replace the GC controllers.

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