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Kantor said:

Some people are predicting way too low for LT. If an FPS sells 800k first week, it will probably sell over 4 million LT. Look at CoD4 on PS3. 450k first week, 4 million LTD and selling.


Japan: 60-100k (GTA sold well, showing that a violent game can sell over there)
Europe: 350k-400k (This is higher than any other PS3 FPS, but no other PS3 FPS has KZ2's advertising)
NA: 400-500k (NA is considered shooter land, again the advertising budget, and it has to sell more than it does in Europe, right?)

That's 810k-1 million WW, in case you were wondering.

EDIT: Lifetime. I think around 6x first week sales is a good amount, so 5-6 million.

Call of Duty has become an exception, it has by far the best "legs" of any other PS3 or 360 game, in fact better than many Wii games.

KZ2 will certainly be more frontloaded.... but, the lower it's first week sales, the comparatively better legs it will show, so it's not as simple as multiplying the first week by a certain number.

It is a likely candidate for roughly 3-5 times the first week making up the lifetime total.... I would guess if it sells around 800k to 1 million on the first week, it should be heading for about 3.5-4 million sales.

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500k first week, 4 million lifetime. I predict a game with great legs, not a front loaded one.


Put in perspective (sequel for a 750k seller in America), I'd say somewhere around 350k~400k total.
Killzone is no CoD, Halo or Gears.

1 mil first week.

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ChaosAngelZero said:
Put in perspective (sequel for a 750k seller in America), I'd say somewhere around 350k~400k total.
Killzone is no CoD, Halo or Gears.

notice the games you mentioned are shooters! killzone 2 is what americans want! a great shooter with crazy ass graphics! cod sells alot because it has great multiplayer and its a good shooter, halo only sold because of all the extreme hype and advertising from microsoft and gears of war a bit of the same as halo but unlike halo it actually is a good game and its violent! american gamers love that. if sony market the game right it can sell more than gears for sure but not halo and probably not cod either.


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even little big planet has already sold 2 million and it doesnt really cater to the ps3 audience because 95% are super hardcore gamers! killzone 2 lifetime sales will 5-7 million.

800 K firs week , almost 2 mil first month and 3.7 LTD

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1.5 Milion first week.


600k WW



500k Considering the time of the year the game release.
15% Hardware boost.
Lifetime +4 million.