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And after looking at another trailer, this still has a lot to show me because I really loved Odin Sphere.

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That looks gorgeous. I def. want it even though I don't own a Wii and don't plan to buy one soon haha.

I played Odin Sphere (haven't finished it however) and thought it was quite good, but was missing something. Felt kinda repetitive. But this game looks like it fixes that cuz it has all these awesome combos. Can't wait to play.

I didn't really care about this game.

Now I do.

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what did i get laid by this game lol



please click  dragons and eggs


Wow i love the artstyle, plus the box art really do look amazing.

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Wow, this is looking good. Good graphics and art...

The trailer did change what I think of the game a bit...

Cool! First time I see footage of this game and I really like it! I hope it is not a short game.

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Man I wish there were more 2D games these days. They never got the full potential out of them. :(

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Flash said:

Man I wish there were more 2D games these days. They never got the full potential out of them. :(

You stole my thoughts. j/k I love japanese/asian themed games & the trailer was mouthwatering. Hopefully the release date for the US isn't too far away.

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emilie autumn said:
Soriku said:
Sales expectations for this game?

The is a greatest hits title. GH is 500k right? Or is it 400k?

japan: 100k

america: 500k

europe: 200K


games like these dont sell much, especially in japan.


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• Hitman Reborn (Wii) - Starting shipment : 17k, FY forecast : 19k 
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• Rune Factory Frontier (Wii) - Starting retail preorders : 45k, FY forecast : 55k
• Junjyou Romantica (PS2) - Starting retail preorders : 13k
• Harvest Moon Welcome to the Wind Bazaar (DS) - Starting retail preorders 120k, FY forecast 170k
• Oboro Muramasa Youtouden (Wii) - [previous forecast was 56k, but since the Wii domestic marketplace is in bad shape, they are reconsidering their previsions]

Europe :

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• Little King's Story (Wii) - FY forecast is up from 124k to 125k

America :

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• Rune Factory Frontier (Wii) - FY forecast : 100k
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