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Brilliant trailer.

This game does not only look fantastic, the music of the trailer is great as well (especially from 00:50 onwards).

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The game looks very slick and looks really cool.

:) x 9001 times. And yeah for the boxart at last!

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when is this game coming to NA? looks amazing

omg, when i firstly saw some pics i thought why would they make this kind of game, i never thought it could be this good

even if it's 2D it seems great

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Emilie, your predictoins are pretty generous. I'd say 50k japan, 200k america, 100k europe.

I can't wait for this game! I love side scrollers & the environments & color look beautiful. We need more games like this & wario land!

Boxart looks great and I love the art style for the game, it's amazing.

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Soriku said:
Sales expectations for this game?

The is a greatest hits title. GH is 500k right? Or is it 400k?

You need 400k to get Greatest Hits in the US and that's what Odin Sphere is. Although, I only think it reached that due to Atlus stuffing the channel being that it was on clearance at all GameStops in the US.

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insane art style


look very promising.

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