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Forums - Sony Discussion - IGN reviews killzone 2- 9.4/10


did you see the latest gifs in the thread

awesome ,,,lol




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@ Spartan

Somehow, I doubt the party ends with Edge or Gamespot!!!!!


^^we don't care right now,,,,we re living the moment man XD




@ Spartan

Yes I saw that awesome sauce. BTW, have you seen the review build vids at gamersyde, two words: Holy SHIIIAAAT!!!


why do certain xbox fanboys want this game to fail? i mean thats a bit sad that isnt it.

killzone has turned out to be an excellent game sure it has faults, but never the less its an excellent game

, there will be loads of other reviewrs that will give less than stella reviews that will bring average down, but that dont matter to me. ive wanted this game for a long time and its delivered.

fanboy reviewers can take a hike!

...not much time to post anymore, used to be awesome on here really good fond memories from VGchartz...

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really miss the VGCHARTZ of 2008 - 2013...

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@cgi,,,no i haven't man,,,I haven't seen a single new killzone 2 vid.

yea i m strong.I ve seen gifs but not vids.




This game is a Halo killer...

It will put the 360 in the grave.




^^^lool do you honestly believe that?




@ Destiny

NO! I believe not and it shouldn't be, Halo = AAA, and now the Killzone franchise is another great addition to the FPS genre. I don't care for franchise killers in this industry and Killzone 2 not only is NOT a Halo killer but it should never have been touted as one to begin with!


Och i was hoping 4 9.8 or 10 but 9.4 is still a very good score i don't tend to agree with ign reviews i really want to C gamespots i still will buy KZ2 just after im done with RE5


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