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Forums - Sony Discussion - IGN reviews killzone 2- 9.4/10

GG has prepared a special launch for doubters,,,,,,bon appetit





thanks Euphoria for the pic




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to those wondering...just b/c it didnt score as high as halo. doesnt mean its not a better game. Games like COD4 that scored a 9.4 also some consider to be a better game..
and by the looks of it from ign review the online component of kz2 looks to be better than cod4 which is a win in my book

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Dodece said:
Be mindful to withhold judgment until the game gets closer to release. It is common practice in the industry to mandate a certain review score from third parties that obtain early access. The publisher can dictate to the reviewers, and it has happened quite often.

This is a classic trap that members fall into time and again. They rush to judge, because reviewers play ball with publishers. Then the game is released and a number of reviews arrive that pull the score down. The result is that sometimes a game that is highly acclaimed early on can end up with sub par averages.

Not saying this is the case, but it is always better to be safe then Sorry. Better to not set your expectations too high. There could still be a number of reviewers that are not enthralled by the game that have their mouths taped shut. In fact the longer it takes more reviews to appear the more likely this is the case.

This is correct in general, but Sony has formally lifted the embargo today so that implies that reviews released today are not under any scrutiny.  But you are correct that big publishers can easily manipulate the review system so you have to take the scores with a grain of salt.


Thanks for the input, Jeff.



@ Star

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killzone 2 babyyyyyyy





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SpartanFX said:
^^^lool do you honestly believe that?



No, I don't, but it's really funny to read those type of posts, and the true Sony fans aren't saying that stuff anymore sadly. I figure someone's got to do it, and the PS3 is my favorite, so w/e. XD




Dodece said:

Just trying to protect the community. I know it is next to futile. The swagger shall be built, and then the critical reviews will arrive at or around launch day, and the second coming is going to get it some tarnish. Ironically this score actually lowers the average thus far.


well i dont give a damn about averages, you will always find many fanboy review driven reviews, it may be possible that killzone 2 gets dragged down into late 80`s averages. but that dont matter to me game has turned out great and im buying it.

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some of the responses i've been reading lately suggests an unhealthy fixation on this game. :|

i mean, it's good to look forward to a game, i know that the hype can cause one to lose focus on their life, but you guys act like this game is make or break for the ps3. like, if this game fails, then you also fail, and everything you believed in was a lie.

unless you had some sort of personal hand in the game, some of these comments make some of you look desperate. and strange.

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Spartan needs to calm down...
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