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Oh...and the areas look really big.

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so is this game actually gonna be a legit rpg for the wii. i always viewed FF:CC as like a cheap spin-off with the name final fantasy thrown on for sales. who thinks this is actually gonna be a solid jrpg for wii?

the beginning music was god awful.

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The music is so awesome. I hope the entire game has as awesome a sound track. This title is turning out to be more interesting than I thought. Hopefully the main character is as cool as he seems in the trailer throughout the whole game.

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FFCC had a freaking amazing soundtrack, and the same composer is doing TCB's.

The beginning song was lol, but I

Soriku said:
FFCC had a freaking amazing soundtrack, and the same composer is doing TCB's.

The beginning song was lol, but I <3 the FF theme.

 The begining song is the only reason I bothered watching the trailer. It is pure awesome in music form. The combat system seemed pretty meh after the song stopped.

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I agree with Gnizmo the music for the trailer was really good. The action looks badass and the cut scenes were even more so then the gameplay.

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Heh, I figured :P

I really like the theme. Some badass Wild West type thing. Doesn't look like it takes itself so seriously, which is a plus for me :P I'd like a FF like that for once.

sc94597 said:
GhaudePhaede010 said:
I get a little more depressed every tie I see something of the game. But i can understand why the rest of you like it so much...


If I remember your posts correctly it is because of the lack of multiplayer right? If so I'm sure Square-Enix will keep making the multiplayer focused ones along with the single player ones. Look at EoT it was thought up after Crystal Bearers and the main focus in the game is multiplayer. I would actually like a Crystal Chronicles MMO to branch off of FFXI, but keeping the battle system from the Crystal Chronicles series(traditional mmo battle systems are starting to get boring to me). I do actually think they should have just made a new series(could have kept final fantasy in the name for the sales) with Crystal Bearers, and keep the Crystal Chronicles seperate. This game seems unlike both Final Fantasy and the FFCC series.


In my opinion, it is not a Crystal Chronicles game unless it has multi player. The new one, EoT looks ok but even that has killed off some of my hopes because it does not look like it plays like thee original. I absolutely loved thee original for basically everything it provided. I will be getting EoT on import (for the DSi alone) but I am starting to think SquareEnix butchered a series I was very much into.

I agree with you that they should have changed the name. I have made that statement in the past. This is not a Crystal Chronicles game. I was hoping to be able to play a game just like this one with people all over the world. I am not into single player RPG games. They bore me.

At least you understand where I am coming from. 

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i've been waiting 2 see something new on this one 4 along time

Wait...I watched it again and realized how awesome the beginning music really was.