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Forums - Gaming Discussion - PS3's 2009 exclusive list may not be so impressive after all.

Max King of the Wild said:
What a stupid thought process


you know I just admitted the ps3 had a better exclusive line up, right?

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This has to be the funniest post I've seen in a long time. You just compared three full games versus downloadable content and an expansion pack. Then you threw in a 2008 title for good measure.

They are full games no matter what you say, as they will sell more copies than either uncharted 2 or killzone 2 take your pic


I meant to say take your pick

Strategyking92 said:
Max King of the Wild said:
What a stupid thought process


you know I just admitted the ps3 had a better exclusive line up, right?


I think he was talking about the guy above you.

Jeronimo66 said:

I'm sure all the Killzone 2 haters would react the same way if tomorrow they'd find out KZ2 is coming to the X360 as well. Fanboyism is ridiculous.

- If Killzone 2 is anounced tomorrow for 360 of course 360 fans would be happy, not because they want the game but because the game sonyboys hyped so much as an EXCLUSIVE is no longer exclusive, very few xboys would secretly want Killzone 2 on Xbox.

But you do make some good points, your post was good, but I didnt intend to upset any true gamers like yourself, just the sonyboys

I had to say something to all this "ps3 has a better lineup for 2009 crap", I wouldnt say 360 has a better lineup either both consoles have good lineups in my opinion.


But its true....

And your actions prove it....




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But its true....

And your actions prove it....

How does my actions prove that


DID you even read my first post

So I guess since square enix got final fantasy 13 exclusive to ps3 in japan

They decided to keep Star Ocean 4 is exclusive to the Xbox 360.

this should be interesting, come February 19th Xbox 360 sales in Japan will skyrocket.

Oh my, we have far too many of these entirely stupid lists.

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the ps3 list looks far superior then the other consoles.

but thats all opinion.

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lets all throw out of our 360 / PS3 and buy the Wii...

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I will pick my PS3 over my Wii anyday (my kid picks the Wii though)