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Aldro i will invite you today. And the clan is back again.

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Just invited you.

Sweet! Got a lot of studying to do so I doubt ill be on my PS3 anytime this week. But once im on, ill be sure to join and play :)

Make sure to get someone to invite you to the new chat.

theres a new chat???

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lol guys seems u guys are up to something :P lol i wont be back till end of june why because exams are coming up !!! and my teachers are murdering me with work like wth i should be done atm and should just be studying -_- damn lol kz3 ftw btw lol honestly didnt see that coming soooooo soon O_o. Try not to forget bout me and delete me off ur ps3 friends list :P hope everythings going good with you guys cya later

Also btw add me up as a friend on this site k if you don;t got me already k laters

got 1 month left b4 bootcamp so il b inactive 4 a few months so im playing as much as i can now

@ shan lol y u making fun of slap

@ sarge dude play i miss u

@ zalim does he have vgcz account?

@bbh congrats on cic  im still rockin 2 stars 

on a side note i think eldoby has been inviting ppl to the new chat not sure tho

don't worry man i will soon as i get done with exams good luck in boot camp navy boy :P

any1 kno grunt06 trying to get him in the clan ?

O_O u guys see the kz3 gameplay what do you think jet pacts look interesting and new meele too