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Tell me how I can join this clan?

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i need to get back online soon.

hmm im coming back on the 17th dec might play some kz2 does any one kno how 2 get the kz3

beta? it seems like kz3 m82 has a messier shot wat do u guys think?

at the moment you can no longer get into the beta.

I believe Shan and D3 got into the beta

happy halloween guys

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did they create a clan i want in if possible bw im being stationed in okinawa jp with 3rd marine div

Yoooo what's happening? Are we reforming for Killzone 3? Is there even a proper clan system in KZ3?

Anyway if you's are reforming then cool. Though I guess we all better check out the open beta before confirming. 

Won't be nearly as active this time around.....a lot more work, commitments etc. But I should be online a few evenings here and there and saturdays......Killzone will get me off the booze!

Its boobiehead/maddness btw. 90% sure il get Killzone 3....hope I don't suck at it.


and btw if my real life buddies migrate to Killzone from COD (unlikely) il need to see what their doing clan wise.

S____M____C____C said:


Lol at you for thinking people use this.