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Probably not going to do that great. 50k opener and about 100k-150k LTD in Japan. Japan hasn't been big on new IPs lately.

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Why'd this thread change into a PS3 discussion?

Anyways I'm going to make a safe bet and say 100k.

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Didn't see this posted so I thought I would post it. The launch trailer for the game.

Teh failz, japanese dont buy games anymore that arent the regular IPs.

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@ bigjon

I think you are confusing good seller with PS3 saviour. You only have a case with four games tops. Everything else is just a wild exageration by either crazzy PS3 fanboys or Wi60 fanboys try to make the PS3 look worse.

OT: I think Fragile should sell well. It has to outsell Eternal Sonata and should come very close to Blue Dragon. Third parties have to find a way to be successful in Japan. The first party games of Nintendo are dominating the marketplace and we need more compeition from the others to keep everyone in check.

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i have a bad feeling about this games sales, but hope im wrong

Pika Bomb 3!

Pikachu Rap!

Pika to the Pi, To The Pi-Pi Pika, Hes a bad yellow pokemon, shoves thunder in your ass, go Pika, go Pika, PIKACHU!

its a niche title, not much hype in japan.

10 - 15k first week

40 - 50k lifetime

bigjon said:
darthdevidem01 said:

15 ps3 failed saviors

name them....I am interested to see what titles you think they were.


 this should be fun, these are all games claimed by some or many to save the PS3 in some way

  1. LBP (the casuals will all buy PS3s!!!)
  2. Home (??? never understood what people say in this)
  3. Lair (hehehe)
  4. Haze (ditto)
  5. GTPro (Japan and Others only, some of the more fanatical predicted it to outsell mkwii in others...)
  6. Yakuza 3: (the from Last march, Japan only)
  7. DMC4 (japan savior only)
  8. GTA4 (theory was since this was a traditional Sony franchise it would help the PS3 the most
  9. MGS4 (actually did help HW... for 2 weeks)
  10. Rachet and Klank (predessor to LBP in the get the casuals to buy PS3s genre)
  11. Folklore
  12. Heavenly Sword
  13. Resistence 2
  14. Motostorm 1 (and a little 2)
  15. Warhawk
  16. Blacksite Area 51 (yea, there was a couple thread about this being a savior)
  17. WKC (japan only)

Oh wait I went over my limit...

Misc Saviors

  1. 6 axis controlls
  2. Dual Shock 3
  3. Playstation Brandname
  4. Bluray victory

Future Saviors

  1. FFXIII (Japna mostly)
  2. Killzone 2
  3. GT5 (the one that actually has a chance)
  4. Yakuza 3 (this march edition)
  5. 299 pricepoint

pretty much every major (or even minor it seems) PS3 exclusive get branded as a "savior" at one time or another. To note, most of those games were commerical flops, or underpreformed, but not all of them. They just all failed to save the PS3.

My God. The amount of stupidity in this post... I'm not even gonna bother. OT: 100-150k lifetime.