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What's the point? I mean we know what every side thinks. At least try to be original.

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Playcito said:

All X360 fanboys should stay quite

Should stay quite what?  Quite quiet?

The gap is 8 million between the 360 and PS3 and it is growing.  The recent sales trends for the PS3 should be particularly worrying, as the 360 seems to be absorbing a lot of the PS3's sales.

Also, wireless has no business anywhere near gaming. 

Both my 360 and my Wii are connected wired.  I had to pay extra to get a Wii wired adaptor and I did.  I have a wireless access point about 5 feet away from my Wii and I own my own house, so I don't have to worry about other people's access points, microwaves, flourescent bulbs, bluetooth devices, and all of the other things that interfere with the 2.4ghz range used for wireless.

Wireless is fine if all you do is browse the Internet.

El Duderino said:

All these dead horses... where do they come from ??? Is the a horse slauhterhouse right next to VGC ???

Whats best for you is not best for others... some people have a Wii collecting dust... others a 360 or PS3... saying one is "better" is 100% subjective... fact is the PS3 IS more expensive... thats not an excuse for bad sales its a fact... fact is the 360 has been selling a little better then the PS3... thats not an excuse to call the PS3 bad... but going by Sonys last two consoles its not doing good at all... thats what people see and it won´t change anytime soon... play what you want, when you want and don´t listen to what anybody here thinks is better or worse... unless its me...


 Sonys last TWO consoles? What are you talking about? PSP has been outselling 360 in entire 2008 and PSP is the ONLY console who sold more systems in Japan than last year. 360 also sold more than last year in Japan, but that didn't help much, did it?

^^ err... the OP is about HOME consoles... I thought it was obvious we where comparing apples with apples...




To the OP -

Your post doesn't help the situation, not one bit.......

4 ≈ One

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Like hell you have a 360, and WTF is a PSO???


360 fans should stay quite???? What do you want, a bloody confirmation of your so called factoid ideas? May God save us from such retarded mentality!

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in b4 lock

I don't disagree with anything you just said, it's just that's a bad thread to start off a new account with lol

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