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All X360 fanboys should stay quite. The sales differences between X360 and Ps3 are only insignificant 7 mm of console solds and that is NOTHING with the differences  between Ps2 and the original Xbox or the comparision between PS3/ X360 with the WII.

I am really tired to read that X360 is winning. Winning what ? is very , but very  behind second place  of the WII,  but very close to the Ps3 and with the worst hardware failure in the history : RROD.

The PS3 will NOT die soon. The Gamecube and Xbox could live in market with amazing games in 5/4 years with only 25 MM hardware solds each one. And remember that SNES only had 32 MM sold , and still is remember as one of the best consoles ever.

All X360 fansboys is saying now, "but if X360 isn´t doing well...the Ps3 is doing worst" and that isn´t true. The Ps3 is more expensive (399$ or 499$ ) and has to be more difficult to sell. That is all. Both console have great exclusive and advantages. But the X360 isn´t better in any way possible to the PS3.

I have a X360 elite / NDS /PSP /PSO/Xbox/ GC / WII  and the PS3... and you want to know what is the best console now ?

My FREE online playing, MY WIRELESS , with Blue ray on it, and more important  ..with great RELIABLE hardware : the PS3 .

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All these dead horses... where do they come from ??? Is the a horse slauhterhouse right next to VGC ???

Whats best for you is not best for others... some people have a Wii collecting dust... others a 360 or PS3... saying one is "better" is 100% subjective... fact is the PS3 IS more expensive... thats not an excuse for bad sales its a fact... fact is the 360 has been selling a little better then the PS3... thats not an excuse to call the PS3 bad... but going by Sonys last two consoles its not doing good at all... thats what people see and it won´t change anytime soon... play what you want, when you want and don´t listen to what anybody here thinks is better or worse... unless its me...




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omg this thread is going to be epic and a warzone. welcome to the site but i think you need to be more objective.