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    The official 2012 NBA Playoffs - Miami wins it all!

    in Sports Discussion on 01 May 2012

    Tayne said:OKC stresses me out with their style of playing. Too much one on one. I'm shocked FIsher actually contributed something to the game. Hopefully we can get one out of two in Dallas. Watching the Knicks just made me realize Amare only became a great player with Steve Nash. He's kinda meh without him. Which is why OKC will not make the finals.There is so little off-ball...

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    PASBR vs SSBB, similarities and differences

    in Gaming Discussion on 01 May 2012

    I really have been away from the internet for too long........

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    Mass Effect Thread: Leviathan is out, buy it, it's great

    in Gaming Discussion on 09 March 2012

    I genuinely hate all of you who have this game before me right now....

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    Welcome Back MontanaHatchet!

    in Website Topics on 24 November 2011

    This thread feels so 2008.....welcome back okami...

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    PS3: Stronger than ever (Games)

    in Gaming Discussion on 05 November 2011

    Your English improved alot since I left.....keep it up....

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    Uncharted 3 Complete Campaign Walkthrough + 30 mins of New Gameplay W/ Ending.

    in Sony Discussion on 31 October 2011

    ClassicGamingWizzz said:did you make a thread like this on gears of war 3? omfg this is getting worst and worst I know right? I want Nsanity's head for this....posting ending videos with ample spoiler warning should be a bannable offence....

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    So I really think that Uncharted 3 is getting the shaft on metacritic

    in Gaming Discussion on 26 October 2011

    Areym said: I'm gonna go out on a limb and say most people here don't care for g4's reviews but Adam Sessler (The only reviewer I truly listen to) made a pretty good point in his latest soapbox. It's refreshing to hear. At the end of the day, all of us get caught up up in this numeral review war. If one site praises the game but doesn't immidiately give it that close to or perfect score,...

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    Mortal Kombat babalities, your top 3? *Spoilers obviously*

    in Gaming Discussion on 11 May 2011

    Johnny Cage- Writes a fan letter to himself(This one had me dying of laughter) Noob Saibot - Gets himself stuck in an infinite loop Sub Zero - Pisses on himself and the floor.....piss freezes and he slips.   This is my most favourite Mortal Kombat game ever....

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    SoE hacked and is out for the count

    in Sony Discussion on 02 May 2011

    evolution_1ne said: Tony_Stark said: dsister said: Tony_Stark said: No, no they clearly did not, PSN was hacked through a modded PS# something Sony didn't believe was possible, they didn't even take proper security measures to guard against it. So seriously, stop trying to defend this. @bolded Really? Link!  O.o  Correction, Judging from what I've read here, that...

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    Sony shares rise up again? like no way!!!!!

    in Sales Discussion on 02 May 2011

    makingmusic476 said: Also, nsanity already posted this article in his own thread four hours before you made this thread.  :P This is the funniest burn I've seen in a while.....thanks for the laugh MM...

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    Does PSN problem = Red Ring of death.. in losses for Sony??

    in Gaming Discussion on 28 April 2011

    psrock said: Nsanity said: osamanobama said: Nsanity said: kingofwale said: Lyrikalstylez said: Seems like this little malfunction is gonna cost Sony alot of money to fix, not to mention the lawsuites and bad publicity PSN is recieving. I hate to say it but this Reminds me of the red ring of death for 360.....How much did Ms lose because of that little disaster?   TOUGH...

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    What are thoughts on no PSN for a week+?

    in Sony Discussion on 27 April 2011

    dharh said: jesus kung fu magic said: dharh said: Technically you cannot launch either netflix or hulu for that matter on your PS3 without also being logged into PSN. I've tried. You can still use netflix. Just go on netflix , it will give you an error than another and then you can go on. @op The situation and how Sony handled it is atrocious to say the least. Mine wasn't...

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    What people blaming Geohotz and the "hackers" seem to be missing...

    in Sony Discussion on 27 April 2011

    imaprettyhotguy said: Let me put it this way you aren't worth my time, you are nothing, you have an agenda you don't know what freaking conspiracy means and you are just plain wrong and I really don't care to point out all the ways you are wrong Kasz , you won at this point.....his arguments are backpedelling into oblivion and the above post is his own special way of saying "Fuck it you...

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    PSN users, watch your credit cards like a hawk. Fraud occurring.

    in Sony Discussion on 27 April 2011

    badgenome said: I just checked my credit card activity, and there's been about $800 worth of charges from porn sites over the past few days. So all is A-OK on my end, at least for the time being. Don't hold all the details man....what kind of porn we talking here?...

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    What are thoughts on no PSN for a week+?

    in Sony Discussion on 27 April 2011

    dharh said: pearljammer said: irstupid said: pearljammer said: I'm actually fairly bothered by it. Just ordered Netflix last week and do not have Xbox Live Gold (ridiculous that you have to have it) and PSN is down. Otherwise, I'd be pretty indifferent on the whole matter. I rarely game online on my PS3. what you need psn for netflix? that sucks balls.  what happened to...

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    Where does the security breach rank to you in console mishaps ?

    in Sony Discussion on 27 April 2011

    Wagram said: Change your CC numbers and passwords. What else can they do to you? Send you scam emails? They don't have my SSN number, and I don't think I put in my accurate year for my DOB on my PS3. Lol. Also some of you seem to be forgetting that Sony isn't the person or persons stealing your information here. Stop putting a full force blame solely on them. Info was there for sony to...

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    Where does the security breach rank to you in console mishaps ?

    in Sony Discussion on 27 April 2011

    From being allegedly unhackable ,to being hacked by pen and paper, to then being cited as "the most breached piece of technology" by some articles and have credit card info's not been great for sony to say the least. Where does this recent mishap (which unfolded basically in the span of a year) rank to you in the very exclusive list of console mishaps?...

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    Sony admits your infos compromised, passwords, etc...

    in Sony Discussion on 27 April 2011

    radiantshadow92 said: I think people are overreacting. Honestly a week is actually pretty fast timing (they found out yesterday according to them). Just change your passwords if they are similar and get a free new CC, done. I don't even believe YOU believe what you wrote ,and thats how I'm going to keep it....

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    why it inaccurate to compare handheld consoles to home consoles

    in Sales Discussion on 27 April 2011

    Call me an alcoholic but......a handheld system is just a system with a display , battery source and inputs either on or inside the system....

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    What people blaming Geohotz and the "hackers" seem to be missing...

    in Sony Discussion on 27 April 2011

    Why is everyone complaining about Credit card info? Unless you have forgotten .........THEY HAVE YOUR PS3 BROWSER HISTORY!!!!...

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