Forums - Sales Discussion - NA up, 1 million freaking Wiis!!!!!!!!!

It would be a great Christams gift to get the numbers by today :P

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That would be great, but its not going to happen.

Would be nice to get the software numbers to go with the hardware numbers...

Not to mention Japan's numbers...

GianCarmen said:
I just have to say that Mario Kart sales with hardware sales for the wii are going to be huge. All the retail and online areas in my area are sold out of Mario Kart wii, except for one Kmart about half an hour away. My buddy plans on going there to get one for himself. The wii hardware numbers could be staggering for christmas week. I just can't believe that 8 months after the release of Mario Kart it is still selling at these huge numbers.

I saw the same thing here, MK was almost as hard to find as Wii Fit. But that's not all. In Circuit City the Wii section was so emptied out, I actually thought they were moving it.

But something that may be a surprise; everywhere I went I saw signs of CoD WW Wii moving. The stores had obviously put in a lot of stock in multiple bins and they were almost all empty. Interesting to see the numbers and whether this is just a local phenomena or is it doing oone of those Wii slow launches.