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Forums - Sony Discussion - CNN Money-The PS3 is a Sinking Ship

drkohler said:
~flame said:
  1. The differences between Blu-Ray and DVD are hard to see on a TV less than 50".

I think we can all stop reading this nonsense after this line.. Seriously, why is it that the most uneducated people writing articles are invariably located in the USA?



It all depends on the viewing conditions ...

I watch my 32 inch TV at a distance about 8 feet away while I know people with a similar sized TV who watch it at (roughly) twice the distance. With how close I watch the TV pixelation is noticeable, at the distance other people watch their TVs at it would be difficult to tell the difference between upscaled DVD (or DVD on a CRT) and a HD format like Blu-Ray

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mrstickball said:
If the retards are running CNN, then who's running Sony?


the crab people

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yeah in this time of day teh price is what isreally killing teh machine but its a catch 22 for sony

if they drop the price it will spur sales but will kill htem since its costing more to prduce then they are selling ti for yet again

what has done them in is that fact

hopefully they have learned it and the next system they sell wont relly on the "hardcore" graphics and just put out some pretty sweet ones that will keeep people happy

i mean look at teh ps3 it wasnt teh most pwerfully but there is a reason its still on teh market sony....learn from it

also they have a point that all teh other systems did better this year then last except teh sony machines


@Mesoteo -

Very good answer. Sony is indeed in a catch-22, and some of it is their own un-doing.

They have a very expensive system that's coupled with a very high cost to produce (and inversely slower to get cost reductions).

They can either cut the price, and cost them billions, to be somewhat viable in the future, or keep the price as-is and pray that the PS4 can regain marketshare.

Either way they take a gamble. Cutting the prices to compete renders their business unprofitable, and may prevent them from making a PS4. On the other hand, the PS4 may not even have a market to sell to, since MS and Nintendo will be dominating the marketshares (and Sony would end up with less than 20% by the end of gen).

If I was Sony, I'd do the later: Save the cash, and take the beating. Develop the PS4 to be cheap & innovative, and hope to regain some of what made the PS1 eat up the marketshare.

Back from the dead, I'm afraid.

@mrstickball - Please don't ever compare the people running Sony to the "people" who run CNN again.

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@ mrstickball:

Let me get this straight: Sony "may not even have a market to sell to", but somehow MS managed to get into the business after struggling with their previous console, and Sony managed to do it with their first Playstation?

Like I said earlier: This is just another "sony is doomed"-thread and as Benga ordered, they should be closed and / or moved to that single thread he made.

Ps3 is suffering right now from the Xbox 360 price cut, wake up. If you havent realized PS3 won 38 straight weeks over the 360, you people forget very quickly. Now sony is in for some tough times, but wait till after the fiscal year of 2009 to make judgement, there are still some aces in the hole. I dont think that the second biggest conglomerate in the world is going to go quietly. Especially since the PS2 has sold 140 million units. Calm down i think Sony might have a plan. And for Flame, Blu ray is high definition its difference over DVD can be seen on any HD TV. What you are thinking of is the difference between 1080 and 720P in that case you would be right about the 50 " thing. Also whoever said that Bluray doesnt sell, is a tard. The dark Knight by the weekend will have sold over 1 million copies of just Blu ray. It is the technology of the future it wont go away, thats like saying that HDtv will go away

I thought it was the Wii who the press hated? All jumping ship to PS3, it seems.

Once the general media start to say something it slowly but surely will become reality. If the playstation brand completely loses its once 'cool' edge it is royaly screwed.

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Soriku said:
I thought it was the Wii who the press hated? All jumping ship to PS3, it seems.


Because they have no more shit to talk about the Wii. Everytime they do they get slapped in the face by numbers.