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Human Civilization is currently Type 0.

The chances of humanity moving to a Type 1 while remaining on a single planet (earth) are slim to none.

IF the earth is ever a continuous city (no non-developed land left) it is predicted to be about a .9 civilization.

The current maximum theoretical civilization is a type 4 civilization that harnesses the energy of the Universe (as we know it now).


The Death Star represents enough power to completely obliterate a Type 1 civilization. The Sun Crusher (in the Star Wars Extended Universe) represents enough power to destroy a Type 2 Civilization. This puts the Empire as being between a type 2 and a type 3 civilization (between utilizing the energy of a solar system and a galaxy).

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1) WiiFit will outsell the pokemans.
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Spanish and Italian are the same language.




More than 4 in 5 people in Detroit are black.

North Dakota had a higher population 80 years ago than it has today.

Utah is the only U.S. state where the largest religion is Mormon.

1964 is the only time in Idaho's history where more citizens voted for a Democratic than Republican candidate for president.

The only 2 states with 3 or more congressmen all belonging to the same party are Nebraska (3 republican house members) and Massachusetts (10 democratic house members). Massachusetts also has 2 democratic Senators and a democratic Governor.

The 2 fastest growing regions in the U.S. by percentage are the South and the Mountains (Rocky Mountains). The 2 slowest are the Midwest and the Northeast, which places the Pacific in the middle.

Macedonia, the home of Alexander the Great, still exists thousands of years later as the Republic of Macedonia, and was the birthplace of Mother Teresa.

The following facts have to do with suicide. If the thought depresses you, skip the following section...
The country with the highest suicide rate in the world is Russia, followed by Lithuania. Most of the highest ranked countries are Eastern European. The country with the highest suicide rate that's not located in Europe is Kazakhstan, at #4, followed by Japan at #10.

The only country in the world with a higher suicide rate for women than men is China.

The continent with the lowest suicide rate (Africa is N/A due to lack of info) is South America. The highest is Europe, followed by Asia.

With the release of the next GTA and Gran Turismo, both series will become higher selling than Zelda. Assuming EA continues to release Madden yearly, Madden will become a higher selling series than Final Fantasy by 2012-2015.

The console with the highest number of million selling games in history is the PS2.

Were the African Union a country, it would easily be the world's youngest country, having only been existing since 2001.

Europe has a longer coastline than Africa.

The largest island that's not a continent (so no Australia) in the world is Greenland.




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The Rhinoceros Beetle is the strongest animal in the world, capable of lifting 850 times its own body weight. Since the average Rhinoceros Beetle weighs 60 grams, that would make it able to lift 51,000 grams. Sadly, I'm American and have no idea how the metric system works. If someone could translate that to Pounds, I'm appreciate it.

Macedonia, while a relatively unimportant country today, was home to 2 of history's most well known figures, Alexander the Great and Mother Teresa.

The best reviewed movie of 2007 so far is Ratatoullie (spelling?). The worst is Daddy Day Camp.

The Blair Witch Project is considered the most successful film of all time. It has the highest budget to earnings ration of an movie ever made, by far. With a budget of $25,000, and earnings of approximately $250,000,000, it has an earnings percentage of 1,000,000%!!!

During the spread of the Black Plague throughout Europe, Asia was relatively unaffected. This is due to the fact that the disease is only deadly if you're Blood Type O. If you are any other blood type, the disease is not that threatening. While most Europeans had, and still do have, Blood Type O, most Asians did and still have more varied blood types and tend to lean more torwards A and B.

The invasion of Japan by Mongolia was led by Kublai Khan, Genghis Khan's grandson. The assault failed. Kublia Khan put on lots of weight later in life and developed gout. He died in 1294.



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Paper Mario's japanese name was... Mario Story. Looks like nobody noticed that everything in the game was made of paper

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