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Forums - Microsoft Discussion - Eternal Sonata Screens or What Great Cel Shaded Graphics Look Like (no 56k)

leo-j said:
The game looks great for a psp or wii game wherever its headed to it looks pretty good.

The PSP and Wii wish they could do graphics like this. It's for the 360.

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I would buy a X360 for this if there where other games i wanted on it but i hope WhiteKnightStory looks just as good.

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wasnt this game rumored to be heading to ps3?.

" Namco-Bandai's gorgeous-looking RPG, Eternal Sonata, previously only announced for Xbox 360, looks like it could now also be making its way to PS3 as well.

The game has turned up on the Game Ratings list on the ESRB website as an Xbox 360 AND PS3 game.

The ESRB website has been a useful source for planned releases in the past, revealing retro games planned for the Wii's Virtual Console download service often before any official announcement is made.

It's speculated that the game may now see a simultaneous release on both consoles, although a 360 timed exclusive isn't ruled out. Either way, it's due out, on 360 at least, later this year."
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There is a rumor that this will go to the PS3 as well.

I already pre-ordered. I just hope the music-cenetric ness doesn't annoy after a while.

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outlawauron said:
There is a rumor that this will go to the PS3 as well.

I already pre-ordered. I just hope the music-cenetric ness doesn't annoy after a while.

 The musi-centric ness is what makes me want this game. 

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It was rumored to be going to the PS3 due to the ESRB rating, but that was removed and there has been absolutely no talk about it at all, recently. It still could, it's being published by Namco-Bandai, but I wouldn't hold my breath.

So here's a technology question, how do cel shaded graphics works and are they something that takes a lot of processing power?

Is it just an attention to detail and that with time the last gen consoles would've been able to display similar?

Looks beautiful

By me:

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Looks awesome. Hope they get the demo up on the EU store soon.

Cel-Shaded graphics don't take alot of processing power. Look at Zelda Wind Waker, it has one of the bigest world in a console game and there is almost no loading time.

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