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Forums - Microsoft Discussion - Eternal Sonata Screens or What Great Cel Shaded Graphics Look Like (no 56k)

Yeah well so does the PS3, mind you though the 360 already got a few games which were Playstation exclusive, so who cares if E.S. would go multi platform.

Hey what do you know... the US FF Tactics version gets voice actings, something that's missing in the JP version, which I find odd. Got a comment right away, the voices sound much older than the characters look like... even more odd.

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outlawauron said:
There is a rumor that this will go to the PS3 as well.

I already pre-ordered. I just hope the music-cenetric ness doesn't annoy after a while.

What 360 game isn't rumored to be on the PS3 and vice versa?  Pretty much just the ones that are first party or comfirmed to already be on both platforms.

It looks great but it doesn't seem much different from say DQ8 but in a higher resolution.

Hmmm... That is pretty. I think I'll stay here a bit and admire that.

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So this is what happens when Japanese devs get a hold of the 360. Nice.

Dolla Dolla said:
leo-j said:
The game looks great for a psp or wii game wherever its headed to it looks pretty good.

The PSP and Wii wish they could do graphics like this. It's for the 360.

Lol, I'm pretty sure his post was an underhanded slap to the face of the 360 Dolla Dolla. True that though, the Wii may have graphics this nice in like four years but the PSP will never even come close to this kind of perfection.

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So how does this play? Is it turn-based? Or real-time?

DKII said:
It looks great but it doesn't seem much different from say DQ8 but in a higher resolution.

Really? I think it's leaps and bounds better looking than DQ VIII. I've played the demo and it looks even better in motion than those screen shots convey.

Anyway, I expect this game to get released on the PS3 later for these reasons:

-It's a Japan focused game and only releasing it on the 360 is leaving money on the table when you can release it to a bigger install base.

-The ESRB rating incident.

I think MS and Namco signed a deal whereby this and Ace Combat 6 come to 360 first as timed exclusives and no info on PS3 versions come out until they have beene released both in Japan and the US. This way MS attracts more Japanese players and a few RPG and Flight Combat fans here.

@ Phalanx

It is turn based but a lot more active than most turn based combat systems in these kinds of games. You basically have a limited time to do stuff and you can launch multiple attacks and moves per turn. Also you actually move around when it's your turn and that effects what attacks you do. So it's not just you click a menu option and the character carries it out.

Moves and actions are hotkeyed to the 4 letter buttons on the 360 controller and you carry them out in real time, once you get your turn. So it's a turn based RPG where you carry out multiple real time attacks per turn.

Also, the enemy attacks are timed and you get a signal that you should press the B button to block attacks and if you do it properly you can block a lot of attacks but if you mistime it a lot you will be hit more.

I love the combat system in the game honestly, one of the best I've seen in a JRPG and really makes it fun to play and kills the possibility of getting bored of the regular enemy fights. Reall unique combat system and very original.

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About ES/TB going to PS3:

IMO, Namco will probably take a wait-and-see approach to how they'll release the game on PS3. Namco doesn't have a problem with licensing a certain game to a console and sticking with it (IdolM@ster, Ace Combat 6, Ridge Racer 6/7). Because of this, I think they might wait to see how it preforms in US and PAL markets before making a final decision.

IMO, for Namco, I think they might wait, and re-do TB/ES as an exclusive version 2. I think they could pull a "Ridge Racer 6/7" and just merely port it w/ a newer add-on story. That way both are exclusive to their respective consoles. Namco pays only a bit more over a port to PS3, as the engine and artwork are already there, and could do real well in Japan with a PS3 version, while helping the sales on the X360 version too.

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oh wait a game that looks this bad cant be for the 360 and ps3. its not even close to their level pf graphics and this game looks like it could easily be on the wii. now since ther is a game now that looks like this and now all the sony and microsoft fanboys still say the wii cant do this? that is bs this game could very easily be a wii game. im sorry but all the sony and microsoft fanboys just make me mad cause of their un intelligent ramblings.

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You think that game looks bad? Go get your eyes checked.