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Maybe its because PS3 users are loners? Why pay extra for something when the main benifits are social interaction.

Xbox 360 users have tons of friends, and thats why the extra social contact is worth the price. I mean people who talk up cross game chat/invites, voice in all games etc obviously have lots of friends right? I don't hear about PS3 users talking about having friends.

I met a guy at the local electronics store, and he was buying a PS3 because he was EMO and the black colouration of the PS3 fitted his moods better whilst the extra detail from Blu Ray helped him feel much more emotional impact from his EMO Rialto movies.

See? Proof, PS3 users are EMO and loners.

JK guys!

Actually its proof that anecdotes and misinformation are bad.


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Since I refuse to do it, it must be !

It really shouldn't be a problem with Xbox live charging $50 for 12 months of online gaming. Sony is trying right now to get people to pay for online in any way they can whether it be through Qore or M.A.G. or whatever. They can't stand to see Microsoft making billions off of live, while they make an overpriced system and know because of that they couldn't charge. Sony fanboys just don't get it. Sony is as we speak trying to find ways  to make you pay for online subscriptions. It's really hard for them when they initially made PSN free though. Kutaragi promised PSN would be free, but he's gone now so whatever.

I have no qualms with paying for a great service. Which xbl gold most certainly is.

xman said:
Lord N said:

That's $50 for every year that you own the console. For just one generation, that's $250, and it keeps adding up if you buy MS's next console.

With that $250, you could buy:

4-5 extra games
Several extra controllers and a charge station.
Another console

Sony doesn't charge to play online for the PSP and PS3, Nintendo doesn't charge play online for the DS and Wii, and with the exception of MMO's, it's also free on the PC.

I already pay $50/month for broadband, so I'm not paying even more to go online with a console. I've used both Xbox Live and the PSN, and as far as online gaming goes, the latter is just as good as the former in my book. That considered, XBL doesn't offer anything more that warrants the fee.

Couple of small points you can get the online retail 12 month card on sale for $40-$45.00 if you look around.  Second you get 13 months for that price



That's still just about enough to get another console, and it's more than enough to get a DS or PSP and a few games.



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Well, we Europeans have to pay €60,- for it. That's almost 80 dollars!
€60 is one game, or maybe two games. I think that's a lot of money for only playing online.

As I said last page. Sony does not charge, but you get what you pay for. Sony had the chance coming out later to make their service equal or better to live. However they are still not there. They still did not have standard voice chat (hell i'd go for voice chat that works) in even their first party games. MLB 08 the show was a giant screw job, as people used their 360's to chat while playing the game on their PS3. Still no system wide standards for friends list features , cross game inviting, custom soundtracks, and the list goes on and on. It's all put it in if you want yourself developers. If your not a big online gamer and those things means nothing to you then fine. However if you are into online, then the PSN services puts people off when making a decision about a multiplayer game. If sony did those things I'd pay $35 a year for PSN also. Give me a great product for online gaming, and I'll be happy to pay for it

Nomatter if it's only 1 dollar, requiring an additional subscription with a company is always an additional hassle.

I like the PSN better, I think combined with Playstation Home it will be a non-contest for me even if it were free, if I had to choose.

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"I like the PSN better"

Mike do you own or have owned a 360? Your games list only shows PS3 stuff on it

jagenjg said:
sega4life said:

I don't mind it at all for me...  $0.14 cents a day isn't bad...

Now we get to my family, everyone wants to play online, and I don't want everyone using my Account.

Still do not understand why MS can't make the XBLGold for the unit itself (family Gold Plan if you will) and not individual people.

This is were XBLgold fails.

Note: Just got my card today from $38.95 free shipping, last year I got it for $34.99 free shipping. $0.11 a day

Should point out that you can get 12+1 XBL through VGcharts Store for $38 as well, I didn't know it before I bought mine.

 You must admit putting a price tag on it keeps out a ton of the idots and jerks. 

You also keep out a ton of people who aren't idiots in jerks. It works both ways.



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