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sweet , lair review ...

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Developers should include the option to use keyboard and mouse for PS3 games .Its so easy to plug them into the PS3 that it would be an understatement not doing so .We could have RTS of PC-level running on our TV and that would be great .

Lets wait for a few reviews. Rogue Squadron got really good scores as well ;)

But its a good start...


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This will probably be the first game to force Sixaxis motion control. Unlike Motorstorm, COD3, and other games with minor features, Lair will be using a whole lot of the Sixaxis potential. As somebody stated on the first page of this thread, the motion control frees up a lot of buttons for other actions, so I doubt there will be an option to switch back to 'classic' controls.

When Kotaku was saying that the controls felt weird before E3, it was because the developers had the ground controls mapped to motion control, which made it very confusing. Now, they've moved moving the dragon on the ground back to the analog sticks, which is where Kotaku said it was fixed, but there was still a learning curve.


I also believe Gamespot will give it a low review because it's a PS3 game, lol. Didn't they give Zelda: TP a lower score than all the other review sites?

argh,I don´t like motion sensor controls :/

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The demo is supposed to be coming out this month, but next week would be the last Thursday of the month. There is also a rumored firmware update next week too. Maybe we'll get a firmware update and a couple of demo's on Thursday. I believe that Europe's PS store got The Darkness demo, maybe we'll get that too next week.


"argh,I don´t like motion sensor controls :/"- lol, I remember when I hated the analog sticks when I first tried them out.

How did they get a review already, did they just review the E3 demo or something? sheesh.

Bodhesatva said:
kber81 said:
Bodhesatva said:

Actually, the PC games are much better than console games. I think that's fairly clear (I don't count action or platformer games in).


No it's not and I think most people on this forum disagree with you.

If our metric for quality is majority opinion, then obviously most people don't agree that the PS3 has the best games, either. It is by far the least popular console of this generation. Therefore, the PS3 is the worst. 

i know this little debate has already reached a conclusion but you really seem to be hitting on the ps3?. console games means games from all consoles right?. so i agree with Kber81 if "our metric for quality is majority opinion", heck i bet even grandma's playing wii tennis would agree with kber81 right? ^^

oh and DKII if you click the article it says this:

"Play TM magazine is the first magazine corp to get their hands on the retail copy of PS3 exclusive game. According to the PLay TM magazine.."


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Well if it's already ready then why isn't it shipping for almost a month? :p

kber81 said:

@ Bodhesatva

Let's say we are both happy with our choices. Your arguments against PS3 just pissed me off a bit.


You can use mouse and keyboard with PS3 too. I think every "real" FPS's gamer will buy it for Unreal III.

Wouldn't "real" FPS gamers just play it on the computer irregardless? Sure the Ps3 is cheaper from a certain perspective, easier to achieve higher graphics and I agree the keyboard and mouse is an excellent option but if you're going to talk "real" FPS gamers, wouldn't the PC will always be the medium of choice no matter how much better the PS3 can do graphics? I fail to see how an relatively unpopular gaming device (no matter how well it does FPSs) could ever hold a candle to a machine of utility, familiarity and adaptability such as a PC for "real" FPS gamers.

Perhaps I'm misunderstand your ideal of "real" FPS gamers (in all honesty maybe you weren't even the person to originally bring up such a term in this debate) but i would like to remind both sides of the debate that "real" FPS gamers are such a minority niche that they're almost not even worth considering as I honestly doubt many would consider the common masses that made Halo as success "real" FPS gamers. And even if we did, I would think most would just stick with the 360 anyway with its strong reputation for FPSs. But that's just my thoughts on the matter.

P.S.: No offense either but you don't exactly strike me as the kind of person to not be pissed off anytime someone says something negative about the PS3 so maybe its not fair to give Bodhesatva heck as if he's the only Sony critic that really gets under your skin. Well, what do I know but Let's just all get along. :)

Off Topic: Again I ask, who publishes Play Magazine? Are they affiliated with anyone?