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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Nintendo Wii Beats Xbox 360 And PS3 In Energy Efficiency, Too

"Another day, another comparison between Wii, PS3, and Xbox 360 in which Nintendo Wii comes out on top. This time, it's the all-important field of energy efficiency. The website did an in-depth comparison between the energy usage of all three consoles, along with a standard PC. Power consumption during gameplay was determined using NBA Live 2K7 for PS3, Gears of War for XBOX 360, The Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess for Wii and lastly, PREY was used for PC. Wii took a mere 18 Watts average, while PC's average was 198 Watts, Xbox 360 averaged 185 Watts, and PC averaged almost 194 Watts. What could possibly go nicer with a Toyota Prius than a Nintendo Wii, we ask you?" @ Cheaper initially, cheaper in the long run.

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This should not be a surprise 1/12 the performance should get you 1/10 the power.

you listed pc twice i asume ones the ps3 any ways 1/10 the power for 1/12 the performance give me a break thats the most childish thing ive seen all day

wow. not only do u have to dish out 600 bucks for a ps3, ur gonna pay extra for electricity!!! ouch! :) (no one should take my statement literally. i kno the actual bill payment for electricity is not that much betwee ps3 and wii and 360 but im just trying to make a statement that the ps3 really didnt create the product with consumer in mind and tried to focus on just graphics and such at all cost)

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This isn't fair, as the Wii was designed specifically with low power consumption in mind. But it can't do wrong to remind it, as lots of anti-Wii people are quick to forget all this engineering that's gone into the console, to make it energy efficient. So they say it is only a supped up GC, which is of course completely wrong, as no GC could be on standby 24/24 7/7, or use so few power.

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yeah. for all future Wii-bashers. Yes...the Wii has 1/2 the performance, or 1/12 the performance, or whatever of the other consoles...but you still have to admit that for what the Wii can do, it's amazing how little power it uses.

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Saw all this a while back. Its a smart move from Nintendo, as it means that a power-conscious will be more interested in a power-conscious console. Its also an advantage of using RAM instead of hard-disks. The other side effect is this - it makes it a LOT easier for Nintendo to build the Wii into a handheld (with minimal design changes) - if they ever wanted.

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Ok, so if 10 million 360 or PS3 sales were substituted with 10 million Wii sales, by how many degrees Fahrenheit would that decrease global warming? Any suggestions?

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reverie said: Ok, so if 10 million 360 or PS3 sales were substituted with 10 million Wii sales, by how many degrees Fahrenheit would that decrease global warming? Any suggestions?
Depends were you are and how you get your electric. If you were environmental minded it's most likely that you would power your house with soar or wind power and therefor no change to the environment. Ben I would not use the word amazing maybe neat. Anyone can throw a PC together to take up 1/2 as much energy as the Wii for a folding farms. But then you get into the Flop/initial$/Watt debate.

and this is supposed to be news?