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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Kwaad's back. With PSP.

I went on emergency out of state due to family matters. I'm back now. And I have a PSP. I dont have any games, but I like it better than the DS already. The demos for it, that I downloaded at a hotspot, 300 miles from where I live... for free. Work great. Look great, and were great fun. The DS. Never left the bag. Mainly because we didnt have that much free time, and what little I did, I surfed the web. On the PSP. Because... it can. (with a beautiful screen) Nice to see other poor guys saying the PS3 wont fail, and everyone coming down on them like they are the devil and going to end the world. NICE TO SEE YOU NON-PS3 HATERS!

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nice to see ya kwaad every one thought you were dead im thingking of getting a psp but not enough games for me (besides loco roco) find any good games give me a shout

For awhile I thought I might not be kept up to date with every event in Kwaad's life, but now I can sleep easily.

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What, you didn't have a PSP until this week? And you dare call yourself a Sony fanboy. Oh, the shame, the shame - if only Kutaragi-san knew about this, you'd be kicked out of the "Blind Salamanders that Worship Sony Fanclub" in a heartbeat...

I just got one myself. I almost had to since the release of portable ops (yes, I'm a MGS fanatic). I know people keep saying there are no games, but I'm confused by this. lists 14 PSP games rated 85% or better, with the DS coming in at 13. Don't get me wrong, I want a DS to play new super mario bros. and others (not a fan of 3-d mario games, myself), but I think there are plenty of decent games when compared to the DS. Lumines, Wipeout, tekken, MGS as mentioned, 2 GTAs (granted, 1 is also on PS2), new rachet game, etc. Being able to play music (wma's included) and videos (granted, have to convert them with one of the many available programs) is also great, and the location-free PS3 connection should be added soon so everything on my PS3 I can stream to my PSP from any wireless location (already works in wireless range of PS3 acting as a source). I just don't understand the lack of games claim. The DS has some great games too, but is it just the variety available? It's not like all the PSP games are the same genre. It could use some good RPGs, however...hopefully that final fantasy 13 game doesnt suck. I guess the PSP just got a bad rep with all the "ps2 ports." there are a lot of games that are just as original as the new mario game, though. Oh well. according to this site, the PSP seems to be doing better than any handheld not made by nintendo, so that's something.

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I was worried about you, I really was. I thought you did something naughty when you saw NPD numbers or something. Whew. I'm serious. Okay, that was a bad attempt, but welcome back. The forums died without you.

I'm with ya, Windbane. There are some really fun games for the PSP. I'll add to your list: Killzone (far better than the trash on PS2), Daxter, and the amazing Syphon Filter. I also just got a brand new copy World Tour Soccer from Gamestop for $8. On it's own, a lot of fun. For just $8, a steal. The Sega and Capcom retro collections are wonderful as well for the old school fan. You nailed one major problem with the PSP, which is the perception that it's all bad PS2 ports. I think even bigger than that, though, is simply price. For $200 for the system + $40 for most new releases, it's a pricey handheld, especially for people trying to save up for a next-gen system. The PSP's one price drop away from huge success, and with a great lineup of games, now's the time for a $150 PSP

My Top 5:

Shadow of the Colossus, Metal Gear Solid 3, Shenmue, Skies of Arcadia, Chrono Trigger

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Welcome back. Don't worry though, we've gotten a couple new Sony trolls, so you don't have to work as hard now. Oh, and my friend sold his PSP this past week for a DS, so everybody wins!

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windbane said: I just don't understand the lack of games claim. The DS has some great games too, but is it just the variety available?
I think that's a good question. However, you can use the filters in gamerankings to skew data (not that I am suggesting you are doing this, of course!). Take statistics with a grain of salt - you can bend stats any way you like. Look at how Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft all claimed to outsell the rest! I personally think there are many games that are quite good (and varied) on the PSP. Games, however, are not the only factors that drive console adoption. Technology? User Acceptance? Corporate image? Brand values? Marketing strategies? Past successes/failures? Pricing? These all play a role in determining the success (or failure) of a console. But yes, it can't be just the games alone. The PSP does have some nice stuff out there, plus it's heads and shoulders above what the DS can do in terms of processing power. Obviously, that alone doesn't float well with consumers; otherwise the PSP would be raining on the DS parade. I read somewhere a post from a forum reader who said that portable gaming is all about getting in those 20 minutes of game time while commuting or waiting for an appointment. Having long loading times (compared to the DS at least) can make the difference between getting those 20 minutes of solid gaming in your bloodstream, or waiting a couple of minutes for the game to load and playing less. Battery life compared to the DS is lacking as well, and these are both factors that directly affect how you "game on the go". I also think that many people have the impression that the PSP is a portable PS2, and if you already have a PS2, then why buy another? Who knows, though? One thing is for sure: While the DS sells like mad, you can hardly say that the PSP is a flop. 20m units sold is hardly a shabby number, and that figure will undoubtedly grow.

suk_my_wii said: nice to see ya kwaad every one thought you were dead im thingking of getting a psp but not enough games for me (besides loco roco) find any good games give me a shout
Lumines I, Lumines II, Loco Roco (already mentioned), gitaroo man, powerstone colection, dark mirror, killzone, acecombet, cappcom puzzle collection, metal gear portable ops, MGS Acid series (I personaly like), GTA:LCS, Valkyrie profile, so forth and so on. Best thing to do is to try some of these games yourself because of personall preferance. I do not like sports games so I cannot tell you how they are. I also like very few racing games (normally enjoy GT) So my opinion on ridge racer and any other racing games are skewed.

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